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Thread: The Currency Of Lies: an =I=28 project

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    The Currency Of Lies: an =I=28 project

    The Currency Of Lies
    Being an account of the individuals and actions of the Most Holy Inquisition during the Gothas Unrest.

    “…reports increases in violent crime and unprovoked attacks on loyal citizens in the lower districts of Gothas. Those citizens permitted to carry arms are being recommended to do so by Chief Magistrate Coolidge who stated that ‘any true citizen of Gothas and the Imperium should take all action necessary to defend both their lives and livelihood’. The Chief Magistrate refused to comment on the calls for increased Magistratum patrols in the affected areas…”
    Gothas network-1 newscast, broadcast three months before the Unrest

    “…just not safe to live here anymore, you know? The Magistratum don’t do squat and the Uppers aren’t bothered at all. Nah, safer to get out now, before the Ragged Men come back…”
    Citizen Valint Balk, type-3 manufactoria labourer, interviewed two months before the Unrest

    “Let me make this very clear. There are no ‘Ragged Men’, there never was. All there was, was a criminal element that for some reason embraced a certain theatricality. They were just crims, end of. Gothas is a safe place to live and work, and raise a family. Some members of society will always exert a criminal influence on more upstanding citizens, however they will always be rooted out and punished appropriately.”
    First Minister for Justice Collem Pool, Gothas city governance, quoted two months before the Unrest

    “…ragged they come and ragged they fall, blind you come and blind you fall…”
    Fragment of text recovered from underground illicit printing operation, two months before the Unrest

    “Fear has come”

    Graffitti slogan present at several locations in Gothas during the Unrest

    "We should all be dead. Simple as that."

    Inquisitorial Data-agent Jessamy Quinn, after the Unrest

    ***Begin transcribed record

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the purpose of this tribunal is to ascertain and evaluate the actions of our colleague Sholesh dan Raf and his associates both before and during the unfortunate Unrest that afflicted Gothas last year. Civil peace has now been restored to Gothas through the actions of dan Raf and the intervention of a full Inquisitorial Stormtroop platoon, however questions remain regarding the nature of the investigation and actions taken by dan Raf. The desired outcome for Gothas and its city-state governance has been achieved, however concerns have been raised about the material cost and the linked human cost in lives of Imperial citizens, and we are tasked with the judgement of this sorry affair.
    What will follow will consist of character testimony regarding Sholesh dan Raf and his agents, as well as accounts of their actions in both causing and resolving the Unrest. Where probative punishment is deemed appropriate, this tribunal will decide the nature of said punishment.
    Let us begin.

    Archive pic-cap of Inquisitor Sholesh dan Raf, Ordo Hereticus

    ***End transcribed record

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