Well got a chance to look threw the new book and overall I'm a bit disappointed, but that's a different post. Here is the first "all-comers'' style list I came up with.

Slann BSB
-channeling staff (with harmonic is really solid)
-Ironcurse icon
-Reservoir of eldritch energy, soul of stone, mystery, harmonic convergence.

Lore master life seems to be solid. SHOULD be getting at least 2 extra casting dice per phase to keep magic dominance. First 2-3 turns blasting magic missiles and direct damage and exchanging for most likely a few must have sig spells or keeping a good roll.

lv 1 beast priest

obvious choice for multiple wildforms plus the cube.

chief on terradon

experimenting with this gent. can solo chaff, warmachies, rear charge, or keep pf in check with speed if I need too. thoughts?

24 saurus full command

24 saurus no champ

10 skink skirmishers

10 skink skirmishers

Boring I know, but too solid not to fill my core I'd really like one more skink unit though

bastiladon with solar engine

150 points for a decent bound, small I buff, and a thunderstomp. I'm sold, plus I like the model
ripperdactyl riders

Giving them a shot; I know the pros and cons. Ill proxy empty bases before I decide what to build, worst case I sub them with Terradons and have 15 points to play with.

Terradons might be better in this list though as warmachine hunting will be needed to keep my stegs up

24 temple guard full command

wildform on these guys coupled with hand of glory and a bastiladon buff is right up my ally.

ancient steg with sharpened horns

ancient steg with sharpened horns

these guys good a bit of a boost. giant blow pipes got an extra 6 inch range is REALLY nice since I almost never got to use it before. The D3 wounds will help with ogres, and other annoying multi wound beasties. Plan on keeping them up with apotheosis or lifebloom if I roll life.

Well then?