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Thread: In which Hadriel Commission Paints WHFB and fails to sleep

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    In which Hadriel Commission Paints WHFB and fails to sleep

    Several years ago I founded a painting service titled JERICO STUDIOS I did a fair bit of work in Devon and Yorkshire under this title. Recently I've been very busy and haven't kept up to date with hosting fees or web design. Instead I now do a bit of commission painting on the side when acting work is thin on the ground. Luckily London is full of people with lots of money for armies that want to game on the weekend, but don't necessarily have time to paint their entire army in time for specific tournaments etc.

    That's where I come in, plugging gaps and painting special pieces when and where necessary.

    This log is initially to document an exciting new commission from a friend of mine but may continue after its completion and become a home for all my commission work.


    Orcs and Goblins have long been one of my favorite factions in fantasy. I've never had the patience to complete an army of them myself so this should be a lot of fun. I have been using Black Orcs as a basis for my chaos warriors and the client was impressed by this conversion:

    He asked me to build a black orc hero on boar. Which I duly did:

    I then went on holiday and thought nothing more of it. Upon my return I have been asked to paint the hero (I may revisit a couple of sections of sculpting and magnetise some other weapon options) and complete the cavalry section of his army for a campaign on 24th of this month!! This should be as follows:

    Black Orc Hero (magnetised to be BSB or not)
    lvl 2 Goblin Shaman on wolf (to be converted from the new plastic shaman and a fenrisian wolf)
    Goblin Boss on wolf (wolf boy with some sculpting on a fenrisian wolf)
    5 wolf riders
    11 Boar boys (6 still to be assembled)
    minimum 5 spider riders (20 if I have time but no pressure immediately for the tournie)
    2 doom divers
    2 trolls (converted from the Hobbit Goblin King)

    Picture of everything:

    Examples of existing colour scheme;

    I've got a host of new paints, basing materials, GS, magnets and a huge orc and goblin bitz box to wade through...

    Game on!


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