Hello all.

Two and a half years ago, I moved out from a gaming bachelor pad, to a small two bedroom flat to be with the woman I loved and eventually married. However, that tiny flat, did not have room for the hobby. My armies were all restricted to a cupboard, and the only gaming area was a tiny dinning table, on which only the smallest Space Hulk board could be set up, let alone hold a battle.

However I brokered a deal her when I moved in, that in the next property we moved into, I would have a man room. And now, we have moved on into a four bedroom, three level town-house. The top bedroom is been defined as my "man room" and not only has it room to set-up the gaming pc, sound system and eventual gaming table, but the wife has declared that she will never enter and tidy since it is too messy (a win win!).

Anyhow, with my army 90% painted, it is time I built them a gaming table to fight over.

This is and will by my log of building my gaming table.

So here we begin - with bits of wood.

This is four lots of (2700mm x 44mm x 44mms) planned smooth timber and 3 sheets of 1220mm x 606mm x 9mm MDF Board. I would have preferred plywood to MDF but economics forced my hand.

Check out later for the built board once the camera's battery is charged. I will then go into detail about the legs.