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Thread: Our 40k 1000pt Painting Challenge

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    Our 40k 1000pt Painting Challenge

    Hello fellow Generals, Warlords, Seers and Gribbly Monsters,

    My close gaming group have recently aquired a very nice looking and well painted gaming table (I'll post some pictures later) and following the success of a recent 4-way carnage battle the other day, we thought now would be as good a time as any to kick off a new painting challenge! After all, the only thing that looks better than 4 armies fighting over awesome scenery is 4 fully painted and based armies fighting over awesome scenery.

    To this end, I proposed the following challenge to my friends - to fully paint and base a 1000 point army by the end of 2013.

    In order to be successful at this challenge, each person must paint no less than 250 points a month. That's 250 points in September, October, November and December. To put this in perspective, 250 points is a 10 man Space Marine squad and a Rhino transport, or 12 Firewarriors and a 3 man Stealth Suit team - as you can see this should be easily achievable.

    In order to keep each other motivated and give us an opportunity to share our work with others, I've setup a new Warseer project where it is expected each person taking part in the challenge will update their progress (with pics) at least once a fortnight. This is important, as last time we started a project (The tale of 4 or 5 painters), only myself and DrTarsus ever updated the thing.

    So to summarise, each participant will be painting 250 points a month, and updating this log at least once a fortnight with their progress.

    As a little incentive to help ensure everybody completes the challenge, I have proposed that the cost of pizza on gaming nights is shared between those poeple who have not completed their 250 points that month

    I expect everybody taking part (about 5 or 6 of us in total) will be along at some point to introduce themselves and their project, but I'll kick off myself in the next post.
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