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Thread: Eldar Warhost WIP - 92,000 Points (17 years of goodness)

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    Eldar Warhost WIP - 105,000 Points (20 years of goodness)

    *Updated 10/04/2017 (Australian date format)

    Well this is probably overdue, however I finally got my rear into gear and began a blog on the collection I've been hoarding over the years and recently settled on a theme for. It has been a labour of love, especially seeking out all the rare items, organising customised goodies etc etc. All part of the fun I guess

    Anyone interested in seeing how this unfolds, they can do so here -

    The current timeframe is as follows;

    2013 - Basic troops completed (mostly done)
    2014 - HQ and armour completed (mostly done)
    2015 - All Warmachines completed (Beginning November 2013 - Jan 2018)
    2016 - Hiatus... lots of display case planning, cataloging of inventory, budgeting... general life stuff (you know the drill)
    2017 - Display case build commencing March (June completion date), all HQ models to be completed (July), current models in the field finished, last of the Titans (3) to ship (end of year)
    2018 - Wraith units, Harlequins, Rogue Trader miniatures, Armorcast transports
    2019 - Remaining Jetbikes & Wave Serpents plus a few other outliers
    2020 - Tome of the Dras'Volharr to be completed (marking 23 years)

    Given my profession requires long hours and weekend work, I don't find alot of time (despite having cysts regularly crop up in my wrist) to do the painting myself sadly. Just before anyone asks "Why aren't you painting these yourself"

    A full listing of all current models will be written up over the weekend. It will be faster than trying to update my Visio chart of the Warhost given the new additions.
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    Eldar - 105,000+ Points and counting

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