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Thread: Resistance isn't futile: Danish resistance in WWII

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    Resistance isn't futile: Danish resistance in WWII

    This thread will focus on the Danish Resistance during world war two, and also on their German occupiers as well as the local goons (like the Schalburgkorps) siding with the Germans. As there was no Allied invasion of Denmark until after the Germans had given up I may have to invent a more active resistance than they really had to be able to play bigger battles than what did happen, which was more concerned with sabotage and killings of "stikkere"/collaborators. The Danish resistance did get their hands on quite an arsenal though, as can be seen in this picture of a resistance troop which includes a banker with a bazooka:

    Here is the first finished group of resistance fighters:

    I plan to use these for Bolt Action with the new France and the Allies supplement.
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