Turn 5. The cavaliers charge into the Parliamentarian pistoliers. The Pistoliers chose to counter-charge which they would not normally be able to do (one of the downsides of being C2) however as the Royalist had suffered so many DP's due to their constant wheeling and moving they would be allowed..except, we shouldn't have allowed it as units in column may not counter-charge. Oddly enough, that is the only downside to being charged when in column. On the far side, the Veteran Royalist Cavalry have cleared out a unit of Infantry which had also been suffering at the hands of the dragoons (blue coats, green flag).

Turn 6. Another unit of Parliamentarian Infantry has been wiped out on the far side, however the Pistoliers defeated the first unit of severely disrupted Royalist Cavalry and were now in melee with the second with a good chance to destroy them as well.

At this point it was time to check Army Morale as both sides had lost sufficient units to trigger the check. The Royalists would retire if they rolled a 1 and Parliament would retire if they rolled a 3 or less. Both sides rolled 1's, the game ending in a draw.