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Thread: Codsticker's Historicals: Fun With Plastic!(and now metal)

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    Re: Codsticker's Historicals: Fun With Plastic!(and now metal)

    Another AAR in one week?!?! It's true; this time a quick game of a Lion Rampant variation for the ECW, Lion Passant from this blog, thanks to Ubique Matt on the Dux Rampant forum. I used the "A Leisurely Stroll" scenario from the rule book. A Parliamentarian foot company is on it's way to join it's regiment and some patrolling Royalist cavalry have decided to interfere. 24 points aside, the forces looked like this:

    Foot Company:
    1 Colour Guard
    1 Pikemen
    1 trainee Pikemen
    2 Musketeers
    1 Trainee Musketeers

    Royalist Cavalry:
    1 Cavaliers, Coronet, Drilled
    1 Cavaliers
    1 Dragoons (dismounted), Expert
    1 Dragoons (dismounted)

    I had an extra couple of points left over for the Royalists; I should have given one unit the Pistols upgrade.

    Here the Parliamentarians are deployed in the NW corner, exiting the woods (recently mauled by an enormous cat) via a road. A unit of musketeers lead the way, followed by the Colour guard and then a unit Pike. Behind them are the Trainee Pike and Musketeers;

    The Royalist Dragoon deploy in the SW corner and the Cavaliers in the NE corner.

    Turn 1:
    In Lion Rampant units must test to activate for actions; once a test is failed the player's turn ends (except ina couple of specific circumstances). As the Royalists were the attacker in this scenario, they were to go first but were foiled by a failed test on their very first activation. The Parliamentarians were able to activate the three units at the head of the column and moved them out of the forest. You can see the stalled Trainee Pikemen back in the trees holding up the musketeers.

    Turn 2
    ... starts the same way for the Royalists: the first test is failed. The Parliamentarians get the coulmn moving again and bring on the last unit of Musketeers in the trees; you can see them on the left edge of the photo. In the foreground the Dragoons try to get the nerve up to move and in the distance the trainee Pike and Musketeers advance along the road.

    Turn 3
    Finally the Cavaliers, lead by their Captain , pass an activation test and advance towards the enemy.
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