Turn 7 and 8
The second unit of Cavaliers makes the same mistake as the Commander's and attacks the pikemen, losing horribly. Reduced to a single, model the sole Cavalier somehow passes a courage test. The Commander's unit fails it's activation test. The picture shows where the units were between the Attacker's turn and the Defender's turn.

Final Turns
Desparate charges by commanders on both sides in turn 9 saw each of them the sole remaining models from their units. Both of which failed their subsequent courage tests and fled the field. The trainee Pikemen managed to pass a couple of activation tests and attack one unit of dragoons whilst the other unit of pikemen attacked the other. Both were successful even though not many casualties were inflicted. Failed courage tests by the dragoons meant they were now 'battered" and the writing was on the wall; the red die mark the battered units.