Two very, very interesting AARs, thanks for sharing!

So Warre without an Enemie does sound interesting. So you issue an order to a unit and they carry it out each turn unless you pay command points to change said orders? I like the disruption points thing. To be honest the disruption/disorder mechanic in Pike&Shotte is a bit too "all or nothing" for my tastes. Disruption points accumulated like that makes for an interesting mix of disruption and fatique (which is a thing which is modelled surprisingly rarely). The table looks great.

Lion Passant, eh? Interesting, interesting. What do you think of the Lion Rampant rules? I really love the look of the table here. The scattered grit and vegetation look amazing and make the whole table look so much more realistic. Good stuff.

Seems like you're getting to play a whole lot these days, and interesting rule sets to boot! Huzzah!