So Warre without an Enemie does sound interesting. So you issue an order to a unit and they carry it out each turn unless you pay command points to change said orders? I like the disruption points thing. To be honest the disruption/disorder mechanic in Pike&Shotte is a bit too "all or nothing" for my tastes. Disruption points accumulated like that makes for an interesting mix of disruption and fatique (which is a thing which is modelled surprisingly rarely).
Yeah, the Disruption mechanic in WWaE works really well and combines all sorts of factors such as fatigue, confusion and casualties until it gets too much for the unit and then it starts to fall apart. It doesn't matter how many bases are in the unit, the thresh hold is 5 points; after that, the unit stops acquiring DP's and will go straight to losing bases if it takes hits from shooting or combat so a large unit will still have some benefit to having more bases.
The table looks great.
That is Jeff's table. He is a regular over on TMP; that's where I "met" him.
Lion Passant, eh? Interesting, interesting. What do you think of the Lion Rampant rules?
Well, as with just about every game I play there are things I would do differently. It's a fun game. Things are quite streamlined and there are a couple of good mechanics in there. Dan Mersey's take on dark ages/early medieval warfare is that a dude with a spear is a dude with a spear regardless of whether he is German, Welsh or Andalusian; it's the troop type that counts, not where he is from, and that is reflected in his rule sets such a Lion Rampant and Dux Bellorum. I do not mind that; it is different than say SAGA (which I also like) where the battle boards reflect "national" tendencies (real or imagined). I think the two things I will do differently when playing this game is regarding leaders. You have the option (Dan says use it or not- whichever you like) to roll for Leader characteristics. They can range from really bad (no command radius for Courage tests) to over the top good (Leader's unit automatically pass all activation tests). I will forego the Leader characteristics or make my own table where you roll for a positive and a negative personality trait for your leader. The other thing I would do differently is add a re-roll option for the Leader's unit's Activations. The way the rules stand now, the leader has no more control over the unit he is a part of than he does a unit of lowly spearmen at the other end of the table. Not much of a leader.

Another weird quirk, which I assume is for balance, is one of the most aggressive units in the game- Mounted Men At Arms- can be activated for movement on a 7+; by comparison, Yeomen Foot (basic nobody spear men) can be activated for movement on a 5+; Serfs on a 6+. This means these units are more likely to move towards the enemy than your Mounted Men At Arms. It doesn't really make sense.