I agree with you with most you said about Lion Rampant. The fact that Mounted Men-at-Arms are hard to move I think is adressed in the rules somewhere. Something that they don't want to be told to go "Over there" and rather decide for themselves or something (hence the Wild Charge). But it may just as well be a balancing thing, because mounted men at arms just chew through enemy units. I think that Lion Rampant is, as you said, a fun game, but a bit bare-bones. I think that what it needs is to disallow disallow interpenetration (except for Bidowers maybe), less leeway for missile troops for firing, some sort of flanks rules or something. It's a fun game, but I think it lacks something. I'm completely down with the leader characteristics, just because I like stuff like that in games. This, just like the boasts (which I think are a brilliant idea), is something people can use or just forego, depending on what they like to play. I didn't even notice the lack of command roll bonus, but you're right, there should be something like that in the game, especially as it's kinda hard to get your dudes to do something in this game anyway. So while it's not perfect by a long shot, I just can't bring myself to not liking a game for which the pictures in the rulebook feature gloss-varnished minis photographed by Henry Hyde and which have rules suggestions for smelly peasants and bonus points for people who use minis from the 70s and 80s in their fantasy armies.

Lion Rampant, like SAGA, Dux Brittaniarum and a couple of other games, hits what seems to be that sweet spot for gamers: 30-80 models aside, and a mix of familiar rules and a few clever mechanics.
Yeah, I mean with this weird obsession with 28mm figures, everybody being short on time all the time anyway ([insert cultural pessimist bit]) this seems to be very popular. I mean it's 40k's scale too after all. The problem is that you just don't get the grandness of proper battles with that which is a spectacle of a whole different level.

I'm pretty sure that everybody has to up their terrain game. (thanks for the link btw, codsticker. Really cool stuff).