Probably a lot more realistic, at least from looking at the table. I think that 28mm figures just sell well because they look nice in pictures. In that they hit a sweet spot I guess. They aren't any easier or harder to paint than 15mm, 6mm or any others, it's just different kinds of painting.

Yeah, those would all be good additions. I think the problems of the game come down to balancing abstraction with detail in what is essentially a 1:1 scale skirmish game. It just misses the mark there.
I feel silly for banging on about this, but have you seen that post by the author of the game in which he adresses most of these things, but they were kicked out of the final version of the rules because he thought it would be simpler that way?

Here it is:
"This rule was dropped part way through development, so this is very much a work in progress, should you wish to add an extra tactical level to the game. It is not something that I’ve followed up on, so the rules added here are more of a curiousity or a jumping off point should you wish to consider flank and rear attacks.

With the rules as written, the direction a unit is facing does not make any difference to the direction in which it can see, move, shoot, or even charge its enemies. Some players might enjoy the added tactical challenge of introducing complications of flank and rear facing in small unit miniatures games. If both you and your opponent agree, use the following rules:

Models may move in any direction without penalty, but at the end of the unit’s movement, ensure that all models are facing in one direction.
To change the direction a unit is facing requires a Move activation, even if the models just turn on the spot.
Units may only Shoot at targets across the 180 arc to their front, measured from the unit’s forward-most model. At least one model from the target unit must be fully within this arc.
Units may only Attack units within that same arc; the same applies for Wild Charges (they may not be made against units outside of the arc).
Units shot at or Attacked by a unit beginning its move or shooting from behind its front arc count their Armour as 1 lower than normal (so Armour 2 becomes Armour 1). This is pretty deadly so don’t get flanked!
Schiltrons cannot be flanked. "
It surely doesn't solve all the problems, but it's an interesting starting point.

The thing about problems with too much abstraction in a skirmish game is exactly one of the points I hold against Saga. Word for word.