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I think that Lion Rampant is, as you said, a fun game, but a bit bare-bones. I think that what it needs is to disallow disallow interpenetration (except for Bidowers maybe), less leeway for missile troops for firing, some sort of flanks rules or something. It's a fun game, but I think it lacks something.
Yeah, those would all be good additions. I think the problems of the game come down to balancing abstraction with detail in what is essentially a 1:1 scale skirmish game. It just misses the mark there.
I'm completely down with the leader characteristics, just because I like stuff like that in games. This, just like the boasts (which I think are a brilliant idea), is something people can use or just forego, depending on what they like to play.
I think I will give the personality traits a shot the next couple of games; reading on other forums has suggested to me that they can greatly unbalance the game which is fine if people are OK with those kind of challenges. I didn't do the boasts but, yes, that is a great idea.

Yeah, I mean with this weird obsession with 28mm figures, everybody being short on time all the time anyway ([insert cultural pessimist bit]) this seems to be very popular. I mean it's 40k's scale too after all. The problem is that you just don't get the grandness of proper battles with that which is a spectacle of a whole different level.
I think 28mm (much like the games I mentioned), hits that sweet spot for gamers: large enough to be easy to paint but small enough that it looks like a battle when they are all on the table. I don;t know if I would call it an obsession, it just hits that middle ground. It would require a lot more room to play games with 1/35 or 54mm toy soldiers and for a lot of people if you are going to play with 6mm or 2mm you might as well use paper markers.

An experiment I would like to do is paint up a bunch of 15mm stuff (I just got started) and play a game on a 6x4 or bigger table with 28mm distances, just to see how it plays.