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Thread: Wood Elf Rumor Thread

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    Wood Elf Rumor Thread

    This translation from a spanish site is thanks to Fen, with the original translation from Ilovefluff. All my thanks goes to them for finding and translating this info.

    Big box: Treeman/Durthu/Hot-tempered millenarian
    Big box:Forest dragon/Highborn/sisters of the twilight
    Box:Kurnous on wood stags
    Box:Riders of Kurnous (not the same look as the actual ones,more etheral and fey-like)
    Box:Warhawks riders/Eagles'claws
    Box:Eternal guard/banshees of the woods
    Blister:Skaw the falconer

    About the rules

    ASF for all elves
    Eye of the falcon:elves only,reroll 1 to hit,only shooting
    Forest spirits:instability,magic attacks,5+ inv,harmony with the woods
    Elven bows:quick to fire,+1str,1 extra rank
    Searath:HtH wepon,+1 str,lance i guess +1 AS ( going by the nam it's weapon eternal guards have right now after all)

    Glade guard:elven bow/eye of the falcon
    Eternal guard:S4,Searath,Ld 8
    Glade riders:=
    Dryads:fighting forms
    Warhawk riders:eye of the falcon,lance,elfic bow
    Riders of Kurnous:Searath,Ld 8,Str 4,A2 (no idea if the come directly on stags)
    Treekin: Forest Spirit,=
    Bansees: Forest Spirit,wail (breath attack),terror
    Eagle's claw:= (this makes me think these are simply great eagles and he confused the name with the high elves' ballista )
    Wardancers:= save for a few changes that i don't know
    Waywatchers:forest spirits,elven bow
    Treeman:= i believe
    Hot-tempered millenarian:eternal hatred,don't know what else.
    Now that this has its own thread, we are free to discuss without clogging up the other threads. Everything underlined was changed by Fen and everything in bold I have respelled or edited slightly.
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    Check out my set of rules updated to 8th ed! I need more play-testing, so be sure and let me know what you guys thing!

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