So, I've decided to start up a project to re-build my old Space Crusade set.

Rather than magnetizing weaponry, I figure that I'll just create a few extra space marines for each squad. But I'd rather not create three versions of each sergeant, so I have a few questions:

What loadouts work best with each sergeant? Is one of them way better than the others? I figure the Imperial Fists one would like a Heavy Bolter so that he can make it a combi weapon, but I'm not totally sure about the other two.

Can the Chaos Sergeant use any weapons he'd like, or only the heavy bolter? I had heard that it was different in the first and second printings of the game.

Which of the White Dwarf add on stuff is balance? That's the Terminator squad (plus Librarian), the Orks and Scout squad. From a glance, the scouts look terrible compared to your other options.

Are there any great fan made resources that I should be using?