We've been doing a "tale of many gamers" with our gaming club, we're now at month #6 and almost at the end. 24th of december there is a small tournament for all participating with a nice prize for winning. The tournament is 1000pts.

For my army, I picked Orks. I've always wanted a small army of em, I had this crazy idea for orks, this was the perfect chance. The idea was to make some sort of maffia styled orks. All of them were going to wear suits. the better the armour the better the suit.
6+ save = a Tie on a gilet. (the term "six up t-shirt saves" becomes "six up Tie saves")
4+ save = either a tailcoat or a three piece suit.
2+ save = I have no idea what i'm going to do for these. any help is appreciated.
5++ save (cybork body) = a tophat. nuf said.

My first month were a unit of your standard Ork Boyz, shoota boyz. This was mostly trying things out but in the end this is what came up with. The ties are a bit hidden by the shootas.

Then the second month I got some nobs and converted them to flashgitz. this is the first half of the unit. what this picture doesn't show properly is the tails of the tailcoats they are wearing and the lady-in-red-grot the git to the right is dragging by "her" hair.

What does this army need? WHEELZ! So i build me a classy ork trukk! inspired by your standard old timer car.

While I was building the trukk I also build my warboss, I am really happy with how he turned out. He is based off a black reach warboss, his hands are from skaven rat ogres. and the rest is a lot of milliput and green stuff. He is DA BOSS (pimp cane included)