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    I think it's time to sweep the dust that caked this thread.

    I've change the title to be more appropriate of that I have in mind instead of creating a new post. Things have changed, either in real life or in hobby life.

    You can follow updates of where I am standing at my blog : OTPM - Of Tiny Plastic Men :
    Quote Originally Posted by KRG-23
    Hi everyone.

    Like many of us, I have been a long time lurker of Warseer, watching with amazement and sometimes awe all imperial related plogs. Being a rather early (if not old) hobbyst (1997), I only have beend playing 2nd Ed for 4 years. I must admit I tried 5th Ed but was not very fond of playing anymore.

    After having moved home 4 or 5 times, I always wondered what I would do with all that hobby stuff that was collecting dust in various boxes. So I decided to switch from a rather big IG army to a smaller scale in the ways of Inq28. What I am about to show is based on the last Inquisition codex though. And is not meant to be played with, only to show a slow pace plog as a way to keep me motivated.

    Actually, everything related to the hobby can be found on my blog here :

    So I will update this plog here accordingly to my blog posts.

    Oh, before any questions arise after reading me, please excuse my writing for I am a(nother) French hobbyst

    Now I am highly motived and under fierce adrenaline rush. I bought new stuff and realised that I do need some kind of plan to get things organised. I discovered a small PC program that will help me cut my project into smaller pieces. Here it is :

    It allows for a given amount of points to split the completion of your army into several sessions. Here, and according to the brand new Codex : Inquisition, I roughly have 900 points of pure inquisitorial force.

    Here is how I plan the on-going process of assembling and painting my inquisitorial escort.
    Steps are :

    1. Purchase
    2. Conversion
    3. Basecoat
    4. Paint job
    5. Basing

    Each session should (hopefully) last 1 month ...

    Actual state of my progress :

    The different steps :




    Step 4 is far away from today so I have not really thought things through yet. However, there should be some Dark Elves and Ghouls involved

    Sometime in the near future, I will post the fluff around those agents of the Inquisition. I have wrote a few lines that I'd be glad to share with you.

    All in all, a lot of work to come so I got to go to work on that !
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