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Thread: Slow Grow Exodites - The dragon Knights of Elgadon

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    Slow Grow Exodites - The dragon Knights of Elgadon - Update: Colour scheme ideas

    Hi all

    I wanted to start a log about the project I'm undertaking - Eldar Exodites. I've loads of ideas and inspiration and I think I'll be needing a fair amount of second opinions so that I don't go off and make a hash of things!

    I'll use this post as a background/intro though so please bear with me. Pictures are on their way, I promise

    I'm getting back into the realm of GW hobbies after a long hiatus playing Warmahordes at a local club. I played Warhammer & 40k from the age of 13 up to leaving university, and then picked up hobbying again at around 25. A recent house & job move has meant that I can't make it to the club I used to play at any more, and my Warmahordes stuff is just a painting project at the moment, though a friend of mine does play occasionally when we meet at a house with a table

    Fast Forward to September(ish) this year, and I discover that a couple of friends are starting to play 40k again as one of them moved into a house with a loft available for a table. Not wanting to be left out, I decided to try and get back into 40k again. Unfortunately most of my original Eldar (from being 13 oh so long ago) has been lost on the way through various flats/houses/student digs and I'm looking at starting from scratch.

    Combine this with the fact that my wife was recently made redundant, and jobless for a month or so, and what I ended up with was some real bargains from eBay and a trading group I'm part of on Facebook. The full (frankly unbelievable) list is on my blog, so I won't take up space here with it. I've accumulated a fair chunk of guys for a round about a ton (100). I actually feel guilty having accrued so much for next to nothing, but you know what? I haven't paid GW a penny for any of it so It makes me feel warm inside

    Where this leaves me now is with a truck load of inspiration, and a fair few models to put together!
    Which leads me on to the fact that our recent adoption of three kittens means that hobby time is sporadic at best. Even though I have cleaned up my desk and streamlined my set-up up for easy deployment/packing up, they have the damnedest habit of jumping up to my lap/desk when there is anything interesting to chew/paw at (pretty sure they can smell the glue/paint and want to see). So I am restricted to nap times for making any progress until they are a bit older (currently around 7 months) and more predictable/less inquisitive.

    Apologies if multi posts are frowned upon, but this initial post will be massive if I don't split it up
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