Hello out there!

Thanks for stopping by First, let me introduce myself:
Im a 23 young man living in Denmark and I recently began my biggest Green Stuff adventure ever! I have been in the hobby for around 8 years, and the last couple of years I have had an increasing fascinating of sculpting and converting, and now I have decided to try my luck at sculpting miniatures from scratch. As much as I like sculpting I have some problems of keeping focused If I dont have a purpose so random miniatures was out of the way. I somehow needed a goal a line of miniatures that I could make my own version of. I have followed chaos-dwarf.com and the forum there for a bit, and after some time, I chose Chaos Dwarfs! Guys like Baggronor (the sculptor behind Titanwargames) and Grimstonefire over there have been a great inspiration in my choice of models I wanted to sculpt, and I really admire the work they have done.

This blog will be my way of keeping track of things, and show the models to the world and hopefully get a few pointers from some of the pros out there :)

With the introduction out of the way, lets talk a bit more about the dwarfs I want to sculpt.. I really like all the different versions of CD that are available out there, but I have some clear favorites. FWs are awesomely detailed, and I like the overall style, but they look a bit to much like little chaos warriors. Baggronors im really impressed with, and I have been a bit influenced by his style, but I have tried to make them unique and personal. Lastly i admire the some of the old 3. ed models too, and they influence my work too..

The first unit I decided to make was a Blunderbuss Unit I havent been able to find any other models with blunderbusses (with no hats ;) ) So it was a natural place to start And now the first model is so far in the process, that I feel I can show it to you guys:

All he needs is some details and a little touch-ups.

Blunder nr 2 is also pretty getting worked on:

A bit more work left to do on this one - but im really pleased with the helmet.

Thats all i can show for now - but im working on two more Blunderbusses besides these, so i will have 4 different ones when im done :)

Im really hooked on this project, and feel like im getting better and better each time a mix another batch of putty :)

Let me know what you think, and Ill be happy to answer any questions