Bow your knees.
Arise my knights o' th' battle. I create you
Companions to our person, and will fit you
With dignities becoming your estates.

Cymbeline, Act V Sc 5

Welcome to my latest project.

I am in a lovely position of having almost finished my 2.4/5k WoC army. I've got a chariot to go and am re-doing my marauder horsemen. But they're essentially done. With the completion of my Deathwing as well I now have a fuly painted, playable army in each system. This allows me to attend tournaments when I fancy it. I have also come close to finishing a large WoC commission army- 5 knights and a Juggernought Lord/Hero to go.

So I decided I needed a painting project.

Earlier in the year I participated in various things that drew me to the middle ages and also to Arthurian Legend and a Song of Ice and Fire. I worked on a rehearsed reading of the play The Birth of Merlin and my girlfriend started reading Chaucer for her course. Warseerite Salarath has lent me a series of modern Arthurian novels and I watched a bunch of movies about the crusades (also my research topic for A level history many years ago).

In an artistic and painting sense I wanted a challenge- whilst I like my WoC the plan was to use a limited, dark palette and do lots of conversions. The painting is good but I think I can do better- certainly my brush control and paint application has improved drastically since the beginning of 2013 having completed two commission armies as well as my own WoC, about 7000 points in total.

Therefore I've decided to try my hand at Bretonnia.

I've been very fortunate to get hold of some brilliant classic metal miniatures and a lot of 5th edition plastic knights for very little money and some love from eBay and other hobbyists.

As it stands I've got almost 40 Knights, 40 Men at arms, 30 archers, a damsel, the green knight, the robin hood warband and some pegasus knights. Not to mention the army book. I think I've spent less than 100 too!

I am keen to run a unit of 20 archers, a big block of men at arms (possibly 50) and two units of yeomen. I also want at least one unit of pegasus knights and a pegasus mounted paladin. I think two trebuchets, two units of errants and some characters should round that out nicely to 2.4 or 2.5k. I shall write a list or two over the weekend but I couldn't resist making a start on the peasants at my disposal:

The major departure for me here is will be the bright colours and the use of a light undercoat. I want this army to shine. I may then bloody/muddy it up a bit but shiny, glorious knights are the aim. You may be interested in the bases. I have made these very simply using milliput, it was going to be 10 for 10 infantry bases if I bought them in a story pre-cobbled. Much more satisfying to make your own anyway...

I've also built up my first 5 mounted yeomen using some spare pistolier horses. The legs are sculpted over Dark Elf Cold One Knight legs with the addition of the boots from marauder horsemen (which I had lying around as my horsemen are going to be centaurs!)

For the peasants I want to convey a certain middle ages grittiness. I don't want them to be to comic or too downtrodden, but certainly hardened and darker than the paragons they march alongside. To this end The unit fillers will likely continue the theme of the gibbet tree. I want to track down the stocks part from the Flagellents for a man at arms and have made an executioner for the Men at arms unit using the greatsword from the empire state troops and a bit of resculpting. He'll be painted in black.

That's all for now. Expect heraldry and backstory in the new year and a list as soon as possible. In the mean time I shall do a test man at arms, archer and maybe the yeomen.

I'm really excited for this project as its an army that's intrigued me since 5th edition came out and I hope to do it justice now. All criticism and comments are welcomed as the plan here is to improve my painting again and be very attentive to detail.

Thanks for bearing with this rambling opening post.