"Feet First into Hades"
-Unofficial motto of airborne deployed IV Legion Assault Troops.

IV Legion
IV Grand Company
X Assault Cohort
"The Hounds of Perturabo"

The assault ramp opens and they charge into nothingness. With a final step off the edge they fall. Like iron comets they descend upon worlds under siege. With malicious intent they come to prey upon unwary victims. As their presence remains unknown to their enemy upon landing the Hounds begin their hunt.

The Hounds are the eyes and ears of the Legion. With each pict-capture and uttered syllable they feed their commanders vital, real-time intelligence. Knowledge of defensive positions, troop movement, and other data is cataloged, analyzed, and exploited by Warsmiths and their command staff to strike with the utmost brutality. Maps and details are constantly updated within strategiums by uploads and words of a Hound alone.

Reconnaissance however is not their primary function. Commonly their foes are sealed within massive hive cities and fortified keeps which are infiltrated by airborne deployment. If able they will conceal themselves for prolonged periods of times or carry out a singular assault before falling back to friendly lines. Among the enemy and within their defenses they coordinate artillery, aerial, and orbital bombardment with efficiency that often results in great loss and massive destruction for their enemy. Each member of the Assault Squad is an expert combat controller capable of orchestrating such attacks independently.

When necessary the Hounds will bloody their hands gladly. Ambushes, brutal assaults, and assassinations are functions that will be carried out once plans are devised and the orders given. It is even noted that on rare occasions a breach in an enemy's defense is assaulted from within by the Hounds before the arrival of Forlorn Hope troops.

For many Warsmiths the only detail necessary is that once slipped loose the Hounds will run down their prey.

The Hounds:
Captain Telerius Kaiser
Brother Ven'Kor Saal
Brother Hathul
Brother Irtago
Brother Oblos
Brother Djirga
Sergeant Lucan
Brother Radec
Brother Gladio

[+Legion Astartes: Oblos...]
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Quiet and grim are attributes common to the Iron Warriors but few compare to Battle-Brother Oblos. Between campaigns he is either in his cell staring at empty walls, the armory maintaining his armor and weapons, or in the training pits silent and expressing no emotion. Few battle-brothers quietly mock and compare him to the blank faced servitors and battle-automata of the Tech Priests. Their cruel jest however are not far from the truth. Oblos only lives to serve as a warrior. That alone is his meaning in life. It is thanks to a cruel, mortal youth and to the Olympian City-State in which he was born that was devoted to warfare. All citizens must serve and training begins shortly after a youth could run and jump. It was a childhood spent being beaten, whipped, and drilled into a warrior. Such an upbringing had made him a strong candidate for ascension into the Legion where his character was only amplified.

As a Legionary he enters battle with a unerringly calm demeanor and solely focused on his orders. Oblos has been viewed as being exceptionally unyielding and uncompromising and was granted acceptance into the Phalanx Dread. They were cold and hardened breacher veterans formed into a dedicated, elite forlorn hope. Their land raiders brushed aside debris and disgorged shield-bearing troops that turned a gap in a defense into a bleeding, fatal wound. With shield and meltagun in hand he was a moving engine of destruction that removed the obstacles to his Legions success. Battle-Brother Oblos would continue to serve in the Phalanx Dread until their dissolution after the Warmaster's defeat at the Battle of Terra when their ranks were near depleted. He would serve among the Legion Tactical Squads until Captain Telerius witnessed his battle prowess while engaging in ship boarding actions against the XVIII Legion during a raid against an Imperial armament transport fleet. Calculated and with clockwork precision he moved from cover to cover up corridors to engage the enemy in close quarter battle where his expertise with metlagun and blade was unstoppable.

Oblos now serves as a Hound, the assault marines of the IV Grand Company. He still bears his meltagun and reinforced helm from his service as a Phalanx Dread. Upon his shoulders he has carried victory for the IV Grand Company and the Legion time and again. Each time awarded and praised appropriately by his Captain and Warsmith. However, such accolades mean little to Oblos. Victory is the only award a warrior should be expected to obtain and it should not require reward.

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