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Thread: Beastmen go to War!! (in Three Months)

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    Beastmen go to War!! (in Three Months)

    OK, a few may know me from my previous log Rats Vs Elves but most of you will not care. That said I could not even pretend that this additional project is even relevant to that particular subject matter; so I'm starting a separate log... here is the story.

    In a moment of weakness I said I'll build and paint a friend's army for him from scratch providing he refunded any additional materials I use to build it e.g. paint / glue / magnets / movement trays etc; which as we all know such costs can spiral out of control. Since most of the time it would most likely live at my house for the short-term future, I would get a new and interesting army to paint up and maybe occasionally use (if I was very careful and asked first); and he would have a fully painted army to call his own whenever he visited and in the future return it to his haunt (Bristol) to shock and awe any opponents he meets.

    After literally months of debating he decided on Beastmen and quickly bought enough for a 1,500 point game and yesterday a shiny parcel full of new models (and that new model smell) arrived on my desk. Literally my desk, so I didn't have to take a day off work he got them shipped to my work's address .

    2x Beastmen Battalion
    1x Great Bray-Shaman
    3x Tuskgor Chariot
    1x Cygor
    1x Centigor Herd
    1x Gor Herd
    1x Gorthor the Beastlord
    1x Beastlord with Two Hand Weapons

    His next visit would be early April and I fancy getting all these done before then which gives me approximately 3 months to paint up ~100 Models; so that's a deadline! I'm not going to make this a rush job - nor am I going to spend days on simple foot soldiers I am going to make a good go of it. I'm aiming for at least this quality <-- that's my quality from the aforementioned plog.

    So... the journey begins... and I haven't even managed to glue it all up yet!

    Damn, that's one big model...

    UPDATE: well the deadline passed and I didn't make it... but I am continuing the plog but at a much slower rate - in fact I'm even expanding it with my own (slowly building) Daemon army (I aim NOT to buy anything until previous has been finished ) and my mate even hinted that after a few more purchases for his beastmen he's thinking of Warriors of Chaos as well so this entire plog will be Chaos undivided... which is kind of cool and will look awesome on the battlefield!

    So new dawn and all that guff - onwards and upwards!
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