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    Newer Dwarf Rumors

    Im not the direct source, but scan around forums a bit to pick up the following......take with salt.
    Please keep any discussion on these rumors or new rumors, not the current books would like to have.....

    BOLS -

    Plastic Tunneling Vehicle
    Plastic infantry heavy armor unit kit (dual-build)
    Plastic infantry light armor unit kit (dual-build)

    Plastic War Altar
    Plastic New VERY large gun/cannon
    Plastic Beefier Gyrocopter

    Clampack Lord

    No finecast was mentioned at all. If you look at what needs plastic kits in the existing Dwarf range, and look to the old-unit/new unit splits in the Dark Elves release for inspiration, it's not too hard to figure out what's coming.
    These latest set descriptions dovetail almost exactly with Spanish rumors from early November.

    Translated from an Italian Forum....take with large ammount of salt.

    " Mi ha confermato tutto il mio commerciante di fiducia..
    Tutti i kit visti in precedenzq sono confermati.
    Gromril ai martellatori
    Spaccaferro ta al 2 grazie a una runa particolare che hanno loro....??????
    Squadroni di girocotteri :
    1-3 girocotteri con soffio a fo 4, re 5 fe 3 ta 4... se cosī davvero mica male

    Fine gennaio dovrebbe arrivare il pre order "

    I try to translate for non italian speaking:

    "My trusted seller confirm me all:
    all the kit see in the past rumors are confirmed
    hammerers will have gromril armour
    ironbreakers 2+ armour save (with a special rune only avaiable only for this unit)
    gyrocopthers squadrons:
    1-3 gyro with "breath" at strength 4 , thougnes 5 , 3 wounds , 4 + armour save"

    via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
    I can confirm that Dwarves are indeed due within the next few weeks.
    Models Rumours:
    Core Troopers won't get a new box.

    Light Armor Infantry Box is Slayers and a second build I couldn't
    recognize. They look indeed weird, however the Slayers are more dynamic
    than I'd expected them to be.

    Heavy Armor Infantry Box is Hammerers/Ironbreakers dual build. They look
    just so much better than their older versions, quite some variation
    considering their former lack of such.

    The "War Altar" is a dual build of Throne and Anvil I believe. It wasn't
    quite clear, but it seems to be possible to give a "regular" Dwarf King a
    toned done version of the Throne.

    The plastic clampack character looks amazing. Simply. Amazing.

    The Gyrocopter is quite a lot better than the previous one, but not quite
    as good as it could have been. But it is a lot bigger, the dwarf isn't
    really that much sticking out It blends in nicely with the rest of the army.

    The Tunneling Vehicle looks pretty awkward considering the awesomeness of
    the rest of this release. I think the rumoured "big cannon" could be a dual
    build with this one, it looks pretty much twice as good as the Tunneling
    Machine, especially considering how much potential there was.

    Rules Rumours:
    Pretty few that I know about, but here it is:
    Playing Style: The playing style will be quite similar to the previous one,
    but with a wider variation of possibilities. Ironbreakers will be even
    harder to crack open while Hammerers are No-brainers (Dwarves are slow,
    but those can hit like a meteorite if they get you!).
    Cannons are a bit toned down but are still as accurate as always. I think
    there's a decent chance of not having a single misfired shot within
    multiple games.
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