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    Blood Angels and Successors, update 1/30

    As if I need another project, some ideas of mine caught the eyes of some brothers at the Bolter & Chainsword hoping for a new Codex eventually. Thought I'd post them here.

    Artificer Armor on more stuff.

    Since Chapter Masters are now rather distinct from Captains, a Chapter Master unit and buffs to Dante and Seth wouldn't be amiss.

    Change Sanguinor background so it does not anger me. Somehow.

    Moriar the Chosen.

    Different rules for Shrouds in addition to banners. It's something cool from our background that I don't see represented. Also Cleutin. I'm thinking Stubborn for regular shrouds and the Shroud of Sanguinius gives Fearless and allows nearby units to gain Rampage if they have four Fury Counters.

    Red Thirst: For every full player turn a unit with this rule does not spend any phases in close combat, it gains a Fury counter. The first three Fury counters grant a special rule to the unit; these are cumulative. Reduce the number of Fury counters a unit has by 1 for each player turn it spends at least part of in close combat.

    1- The unit has Furious Charge.
    2- The unit has Rage.
    3- The unit has Hatred (All).

    When a unit with Red Thirst wins in close combat, it must take a Leadership check, with its Leadership value modified by -1 for each Fury counter the unit possessed before entering assault (including those that do not give special rules to the unit). If the test is failed, the unit may not Sweeping Advance. This test is taken before the enemy's Morale check, and if the unit taking a Red Thirst test fails, the enemy's Morale check is taken at -1 Leadership, in addition to other modifiers.

    This represents the Blood Angels controlling their rage and channeling it for brutal assaults; however, the more furious their assault, the more likely they will be to succumb to the Red Thirst. If you can restrain your troops and coordinate assaults, you can thus wreck enemy units in assault; using Chaplains and Sanguinary Priests, you can mitigate the possibility of not Sweeping Advancing; if you really work at it you can do several such devastating charges a game.

    Dante: May reroll the dice for Warlord Traits.

    Chaplains and Reclusiarchs (HQ): These guys help control Death Company and brothers struggling with the Red Thirst, but since they split their spiritual duties with the Sanguinary Priesthood their inspirational abilities are not as pronounced. A Chaplain and his unit only modifies its Leadership for Red Thirst checks for Fury tokens which grant it special rules; a Reclusiarch or Astorath the Grim and his unit furthermore take Red Thirst checks at +1 Leadership. Lose Liturgies of Blood (should be Litanies of HATE anyway).

    Lemartes: He's controlling the Black Rage and is the most effective at communicating with the Death Company. Units of Death Company accompanied by Lemartes may reroll failed Red Thirst tests.

    Mephiston: Mephiston has beaten the Black Rage, though he sometimes slips into bad habits. He has Red Haze. Takes Red Thirst tests on 3D6. Also, he's not a damn Daemon Prince (or tougher than one), thank you, Mat. Reduce his ridiculous stats in return for letting him join units and getting an Invulnerable. How about he's Mastery Level 4 and may roll his powers during the battle, but caps at 4?

    Sanguinary Priests and High Priests (HQ): Sanguinary Priests help their brothers harness the Red Thirst, and the vital fluid of the Chalice curbs the worst of its excesses. Units within 12" of a Sanguinary Priest gaining a Fury counter have Red Haze; if a unit already has this rule, it adds 1 to its roll to gain another token. Additionally, any unit involved in the same assault as any Priest takes its Red Thirst test in D3s instead of D6s (since they've got the good stuff).

    Corbulo: At the end of an assault, any unit involved in the same assault as Corbulo automatically passes Red Thirst tests (he's got the good-good, as my trailer-trash buddies say).

    Death Company: Get the fourth-counter Rampage ability Cleutin provides by default. Can split into sub-units. Bigger groups of Death Company can add Terminators.

    Red Haze: When the unit gains a Fury Counter via Red Thirst, it has a chance to gain an additional counter on a D6 roll of 5+.

    The Lost: Never remove Fury tokens from this unit.

    Warlord Traits:
    1- Wrath-Drunk: Your Warlord gains two Fury counters instead of one per player turn he spends outside close combat, but suffers -1 Leadership to all Red Thirst checks.
    2- Terrible Rage: As long as your Warlord is on the table, if a unit winning an assault in which your Warlord fought fails a Red Thirst check, the enemy unit suffers an additional -1 penalty to its Leadership and falls back a further D6" than normal if it fails.
    3- Grace of Sanguinius: Your Warlord's side of an assault may reroll the D6 to add to their Initiative to Sweeping Advance.
    4- Wisdom on Wings: As long as your Warlord is on the table, units rolling to arrive via Outflank roll two dice and discard one to determine table edge arrived from.
    5- In Memoriam Sanguinius: Your Warlord and any unit that can draw line of sight to him has Crusader.
    6- Angel's Eye View: Roll on the Divination table once at the beginning of the game. Your Warlord may use that power once per game as a special ability (not as a psychic ability). You may exchange for the Primaris.

    You may roll an additional D6 on this table and choose the result you prefer if your primary detachment contains any Sanguinary Priests, Sanguinary High Priests, or Brother Corbulo. You may roll an additional D6 on this table and choose the result you prefer if your primary detachment contains any Chaplains, Reclusiarchs, or Astorath the Grim. This represents the spiritual guidance and counsel these advisers give your Warlord and his troops.

    Psychic Tables: Divination, Biomancy, Telepathy, Blood Angels.

    Chapter Traits: The most significant difference between different Blood Angels forces is how their geneseed expresses the Flaw. You may choose any one of the following for your army

    Blood Angels: Unmodified Red Thirst.

    Flesh Tearers: All units that have Red Thirst have Red Haze; a unit that already has this rule will add 1 to its Red Haze rolls. If Gabriel Seth is on the board all units take Red Thirst checks at +1 Leadership; however, if he is not on the board such tests are taken at -1 Leadership.

    Blood Drinkers: Units within 12" of a Sanguinary Priest may reroll the dice to gain a further Pain Token via Red Haze. Chaplains, Reclusiarchs, Lemartes, and Astorath add +1 Leadership to a unit for Red Thirst checks in addition to any other modifiers. However, other Imperial forces are often unnerved by the Chapter's extensive blood-drinking rituals and Battle Brothers are now Allies of Convenience.

    Lamenters: Your units never need to test for Red Thirst. However, your opponent may reroll up to five of the following in any battle: one die for Warlord Traits, one die for table halves, one die to deploy first, one die to Seize Initiative, one of your rolls to discover Mysterious Terrain, one of your rolls to discover Archeotech, one of your rolls to discover Mysterious Objectives. He must abide by the reroll.

    Knights of Blood: All units begin the game with a Fury counter and have Red Haze; a unit that already has this rule gain +1 to Red Haze rolls. Red Thirst checks are taken at -1 Leadership in addition to all other modifiers. Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Space Marines, and Black Templars are Allies of Convenience; Imperial Guard, Inquisition, Grey Knights, and Sisters of Battle are Desperate Allies. Chaos Space Marines are Battle Brothers (what with having fallen for so long and a Khornate Warband running around with their name).

    Angels Encarmine: Death Company sub-units may be 12 strong for power armored troops and 6 strong for Terminators.

    Themes for Blood Angels psychic power table:
    1- Drain Vitality: Blessing, 18". The unit may choose to fail its next Red Thirst check; gives the unit Feel No Pain or allows rerolls if the unit would otherwise have the rule.
    2- Shadow of Shame: Malediction, 18". The unit must immediately take a Leadership test on 4D6. If failed, the unit may not make use of the And They Shall Know No Fear, Stubborn, or Crusader rules, and may not Sweeping Advance.
    3- The Dream of Hope: Blessing, 18", Independent Characters only. The Independent Character gains Crusader and gives units within 6" Fearless.
    4- Angelic Retribution: Blessing, 24". All rolls of 6 To Hit and rolls of 6 To Wound made by the unit cause a further hit as if by the same weapon and a further Wound, respectively. The unit gains a Fury token.
    5- Encarmine Host: Focussed Witchfire, S - AP X R 18" Assault X, Blind. The model or unit takes X hits at AP X, wounding on a 2+. X in this case stands for your result for the psychic test; any result above 6 is AP -.
    6- The Devouring: Witchfire, S - AP 3 R 30" Heavy, Large Blast. Units hit by this power must pass an Initiative test or take a Wound; for each unsaved Wound this power causes, the power inflicts a further hit on the unit.
    Primaris- Sanguine Strength: Blessing, Self or other Psyker within 12". If the psyker causes unsaved Wounds this turn, he may expend Fury tokens as if they were Warp Charge, and extends the range of his psychic hood by 6".

    Teachings of Argastes: Artefact for Sanguinary Priests and Chaplains. For as long as the bearer is alive, gives all units the ability to channel the Red Thirst into bonuses for ranged attacks on a successful Leadership test.

    1 Fury Token: Weapons which fire one shot add 6" to their range; weapons firing more than one shot add another shot to the total fired; template weapons add D3 hits to the unit they fire upon. Any time these special rules are used, reduce the number of Fury tokens the unit has by 1.

    3 Fury Tokens: The unit gains the option of using Relentless. Any time the unit takes advantage of Relentless, reduce the number of Fury tokens the unit has by 1.

    An Artefact granting the bonuses gained through Fury Tokens for the duration of an assault or as long as the Artefact is within a certain range.
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