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Thread: D.C.147's Danelaw Saga.

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    D.C.147's Danelaw Saga.

    D.C.147'S Danelaw Saga

    A friend and I thought we would take our first tentative steps into playing historical wargames after coming across Studio Tomahawks brilliant Saga rule set. Having watched a couple of YouTube videos about it, we decided to dive right in and pick up the rules and a four point warband each. My friend has chosen the Anglo-Saxons and I've picked the Vikings.

    Here I will be documenting my efforts to construct, convert, sculpt, and paint our respective forces. We have been so enthused by this project and the Saga rules that we have begun working on a set of map based campaign rules, using the Saga rule set and battleboards as inspiration. Once we have done a preliminary playtest we hope to share them here and get some feedback.

    The map we have chosen to use as a test bed will be based upon the section of the Danelaw in our local area (North Buckinghamshire and parts of the surrounding counties), from Oxford in the west to just past Bedford in the east, and from Northampton down to Aylesbury in the south. I have begun researching as many ancient local place names as possible to help with constructing the map, as well as digging up old maps for reference.

    Once my latest bit of G.S work has finished drying I will pop up some pictures for your perusal

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