Ok before we start some simple posting guidelines. Out of character stuff here should be kept to a minimum (that's what the other thread is for). If you do need to say some thing use the letters OOC: , to switch back again use IC: (in-character). Your character should be referred to in third-person eg. Max picked up his sword. To post dialogue please use "speech marks" and italics. Finally if you want to request an action you can type Action: hit the goblin like this in bold letters.

You are in the town of Mittleweg, which lies on the forest road between Altdorf and Middenheim. You arrived here for your own reasons, perhaps you are seeking local employment or perhaps you are merely a traveller passing though while exploring The Empire. On arrival you noticed that the gate-guards seemed edgy. On reaching the local tavern you heard gossip that there had been a spate of recent attacks on travellers using the roads near the town and that no-one knows who is responsible.

It is mid-afternoon and you are settled in the common room of the tavern eating a meal, surrounded by a handful of locals and other travellers. At that point the tavern door swings open and in walks a burly man who is latter middle-aged with greying hair. He also carries an axe at his waist. Beside him is a younger man perhaps half his age. The older man surveys the room and then speaks, raising his gruff voice so everyone will hear: "For those who don't know me my name is Kasper and I'm the captain of the local militia. As many of you will be aware there has been a spate of recent attacks upon the roads. The last victims were a pair of our own road-wardens. What we need is a posse of brave warriors to investigate these killings and put at stop to them. The town magistrate offers a prize of 40 gold crowns to any group that brings the perpetrators to justice." He glances round once more at the assembled throng. "Do we have any volunteers?" You notice the locals all stare into their cups.