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Yay! A war wagon. My favourite model ever!
that is a good one...until you realize it can never take a turn. That is kind of hard to un-see.

Well, it’s been too long. Not too much has happened around Volganof, it seems this project is rolling to a stop. Part of it may be that my partner in chaos has pretty much left Warhammer for pastures more historical. Working on luring him back in is hard but, I am not giving up. Anyway, that is not too motivating and so much of my hobby time has been diverted to more dwarfs. But, there has been a little bit of progress.

For one here is another little regiment of crossbowmen, proudly flying the Altdorf colors. The center back rank is filled with horrendous plastic miniatures (nope, I won’t show you a close-up, you just have to trust me). But, up front the guys look quite spiffy, GW at its finest as we’ve discussed before on this channel.

The banner was one of my first paper banners from many moons ago, boy was I feeling smart about cutting out that eagle from some city newsletter. Clearly, there is room for improvement but, it’ll stay as is for nostalgic reasons. The musician’s jaundice isn’t actually quite as bad as it looks in the photo but he should still probably see a doctor.

The other thing I’ve worked on is the not-so-mighty Sergey Pfeiffer. A bright wizard with a somewhat dubious reputation for letting his fire magic get out of control, Sergey will wait all game long for the perfect time to use his special rule. It’s a super-duper fireball he only gets to do once. Let’s hope he doesn’t wait too long and gets snatched up by a dragon or other beasty.

Here he is in between some regimental stragglers (was filling up an old regiment to 8th edition size).

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