cheers guys, thanks for the comments.

Howdy again. This time around the update is mostly about getting distracted but, at least it’s Empire. I put together a unit of Knights Panther.

It’s a mix of old metals and plastics riders. And then also a mix of White Knight’s metal horses and regular GW fare.

And of course I had to putz around with a paper banner.

To round out the unit, they are lead by a proper knight captain.

Unfortunately, this unit can’t quite fit into the Volganof lists. Clearly, we need to play some bigger games…

But, I did put together a proper Celestial wizard (to replace a sub-par model that isn’t really worth taking a picture of). Klaus Solmann is the only lord level wizard the Empire side gets to field. I suppose his primary job will be to dispel some of the nastiest chaos spells at least. He has a nifty special rule to help with that.

I have begun working on another house, putting effort into the board is where it’s at to move this project forward. But, that’s tough when there are some many cool models to paint. Anyway, all fun and games, nobody dies if we don’t finish the project anytime soon.