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Those Altdorfers look pretty good. Well for Altdorfers anyway. Obviously they wouldn't hold a candle to any Nordlanders around, who are superior in every way to Altdorfers (or Dorkdorfers as they call them)...
superior, if only it wasn't for that rotten fish smell that every Nordlanders gives of from birth till death... But, Altdorfers are good at holding their breath, they will march up there to protect the weaker provinces from whatever evil besets them. And so it will be until the End Times.... wait, ouch, that hurt.

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That captain converted out of an old one-piece halberdier seems quite innovative to me! Took a while to recognise where the body came from. And I do own a bunch of those halberdiers myself - unfortunately the massive shoulder pads tend to make them stand out a bit from other models from that era.
yep, those pauldrons are something else. Acceptable in the 80s and I guess it carried over into 1992.

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