It has been a while since I posted anything, but now that I had some pictures I thought why not start a new log?

I'm working on a Word Bearers army, using codex SM, for a 1750 club tournament here in the Netherlands.
The pictures are a bit random, but more will follow according to what gets finished. Everything has to be finished within
a month and there are some 800 points left to do!

The list is somewhat competitive (club pressure ), but I'm generally more of a painter/converter than a gamer.
Lots of bikes, but in the the pictures now there will only be a few. I'll post my armylist later.

The background for my army is set on Calth, hence all the dead/wounded ultramarines. Fun to do and the colours make it stand out.

BTW my proper camera is broken so I have to do with an iPhone for now...

First of all, my Tanklord (very fluffy, I know)

And some troops (will be a squad of 5 tacs with a plasmacannon)

some bikes

My Thunderfire Cannon (with some WIPS for those interested)

Tonight I'm working on my heavily converted Storm Raven (I will have a before and after painting)

C&C welcome as always! Let me know what you think!