Hi all. So as the mordheim fever takes hold of my gaming group I have decided to create a city that would make mordheimers proud! It will be a 4x4 table (I may extend to a 4x6 later). It will be divided into 4 2x2 pieces for ease of transportation and rearranging. The first steps will be building the city top and the underground tunnels frame. After which the undercity will be made. Once the sewers and tunnels are complete, the city top wiill be done. It will be fairly simple as Im going to make all the buildings on seperate modular pieces so they can be moved around the table every game.

Just picked up the plywood and other building materials.

As a side note, I play Pirates so I may be selfish and (if I can finish the table at a reasonable time, make a 2x2 river section with a pirate ship...

Pics are coming!