"Athel Loren shall not suffer the presence of Men, nor Orcs, nor Dwarfs, nor Beastmen. If a foe takes a single step upon such sacred soil, they shall not take another." Skarloc, Mist Walker of Athel Loren

... you'd better bring your bandwagon. That's how the rhyme ends right? Let's face it the wood elves have some of THE nicest figures available to WHFB players. The did ten years ago and they do today. I honestly think GW has knocked the recent release out of the park.

I've tried a couple of elf armies over the years, (Asur, Druchii, Dark Eldar in 40k) but I've never quite liked them. I love the models, and the back ground, but painting them has always been too difficult due to the clean lines and bright colours. My recent commission work has seen me improve dramatically as a painter and modeler to the point that although I love my WoC they just aren't up to my current standard. I had started a Bretonnian blog recently but with a lack of new models and a promise to myself that I'd treat each model like a character piece its going to be a long time coming.

My recent commission work has also afforded me the opportunity to play with some of the new plastic elves. This was enough to make me want some. I considered Asur again until I heard the rumours about wood elves. I did some tree demons/ dryads in a recent commission and learnt a lot about basing and priming for forest settings.

So here we are. I love the models, I've enjoyed playing against both High and Dark Elves at recent tournaments and I'd rather like to have something to do in every phase of the game (ie. shooting... not much in WoC). I preordered the Army Book from Element Games (who you should check out if you haven't already) and salarath got me some glade guard early for my birthday (which is coming up). Added to this I have a few waywatchers and wardancers lying around and have preordered one box of venison cav, one box of wildwood rangers and the hobbit eagles to use as Great Eagles.

I was going to wait to make a start on all of this until after I spend the Summer away from home teaching... but a rainy day and little work on meant I made a start. Here, then, is my Glade Captain BSB on Great Stag:

He has been quite labour intensive and I'm very happy with the overall composition. The mane has been resculpted, the head removed and repositioned, a saddle sculpted, the rider converted (from a hellstrider would you believe). The basing required the murder of a tea bag and some Oregano as well has chopsticks and LotR rocks. The head of the rider is a place holder for now. I want to use the head from the High Elf Shadow Warrior champion (if anyone has one spare please let me know!!)

The stag itself is based on a 1972 toy from a set called Britain's Zoo which I got off eBay rather cheaply, it used to look like this:

and was inspired by this chap from Warhammer Palace;

I've got quite a few plans for fluff and army composition, but I'll keep those under my hood for now.

Until next time... watch your back!