-- yes, Im back and as Soviet as Ever --

So, as it was, it shall be:

Background to the Project:

Later imperial campaings had been extensively documented, as feats of courage and will against the heretic, the mutant and the secessionist, and as such, we recomend to the reader the deep and rich studies made by Leonid Biota and the remembrarces of such campaigns.

Shadowed by the sheer magnitud of the Sabbat campaings, the not so minor endevour of preserving order of his most Divine Magesty Imperium, as in the Germanica System; teaches us, how planetary idiosincratic ambitions can lead the to the vile act of cavortig whit the ruinos powers.

This, is a documented memory of the untis involved in the pacification of a sector named the Fulda Gap by the imperium in the germanica campaing.

In game terms; this is the buildig and the painting of my I.G. and associated forces of the imperium (AsMilit, Armoured Battlegroup, SoB, Tempestus ADMech, Knights, =I= and SM )

The plan is to make a "core" 2000 points army and 11!!! variations based on this "core" (the idea is to make varaiety and challenge -by playing a random list- as to model and convert)

In this Second Installment of the Fulda Incident, you will be part of the history since the concep phase, R&D phase, the building, the painting and the gaming.
Our first Objective in the master plan is to build one of all the codex choices in the Astra Militarum Codex, so we will be working in the 1 HQ 1 Troop, 1 Heavy 1 Elite 1 Fast Attack and one "allied" choice order.

Experience will tell how do the alternatives will shape.

Until Then Gentlemen.