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    202nd Jouran Dragoons

    So, after spamming the Tread-Head Thread with WIP pictures of the tanks I'm working on, I thought it would be appropriate to actually start a log of the army (which at the time of writing consists entirely of two models: a Leman Russ Vanquisher and a Leman Russ BT, both of which have been completed, but I have a lot of WIP pictures).

    Army background:

    Why Jourans? Simply because Storm of Iron is one of my favourite 40K books, and the featured IG regiment - the 383rd Jouran Dragoons - gets very little love (though I understand they featured in WD once). Besides which, mechanised IG with an aristocratic yet meritocratic officer corps appeals to me, for some reason.

    Army colours:

    I'm going by the book, which continually makes mention of sky-blue flak jackets. That's the main infantry colour sorted. But what about the tanks? For thematic and uniform reasons rather than anything else, I looked around for tank camo schemes that included blue, and finally settled on this - apocryphal, but that doesn't really matter as I'm not exactly going for historical accuracy - British early WWII desert scheme, which is quite a striking scheme and not one I've seen IG tanks painted up in previously.

    Army plan:

    I'm initially aiming to model and paint ~ 1,500 points, and we'll see how we go from there. This will consist of:

    HQ - Tank Commander, Leman Russ Vanquisher, Leman Russ squadmate;
    Troops - Veterans x 3 mounted in Chimeras, two squads with plasma guns and one squad with meltas;
    Fast Attack - Vendetta, Hellhound;
    Heavy Support - Basilisk.

    So, without further ado!

    N.B. Because I apparently hate having money, I elected to go with Forge World Leman Russes rather than vanilla Russes. This is mainly because I think that the Citadel Russ is a cartoony piece of crap that couldn't intimidate a Grot, whereas the Forge World Mars Alpha pattern Russes are much longer, bulkier and most importantly a lot meaner looking. IMO, they achieve the industrial/gothic aesthetic of the Guard much better than the Citadel Russ, which frankly looks like a toy for a three year old.

    (Another thing I did: as the FW hull overlaps the lower Citadel hull by quite some margin, I bulked out the bottom of the front of each tank to make a proper sloped frontal glacis with plasticard and green stuff, the results of which I'm pretty proud of.)

    With regards to the battle cannon, let me be clear: Much like the vanilla Russ in general, I hate the vanilla BC. It looks awful. So I thought I'd try and improve its look whilst remaining true to the aesthetic. The turret and gun are Forge World's [[ Modified Ryza Pattern Turret]], to which I added the muzzle brake from the plastic Citadel Vanquisher cannon (which is slightly slopier than the basic battle cannon muzzle brake).

    The track units for both tanks both have magnets in them. I have also left the outer track...plate?...unglued so that I can detach it at any point, which proved very useful later on.

    So, colour schemes. The Jouran Dragoons canonically wear sky blue flak jackets, but no mention is made of the colours of their vehicles. I decided I wanted to include blue in some shape in order to tie the vehicles in with the infantry. After looking around, I settled for this British early WW2 desert scheme, which whilst apparently apocryphal (based on a restoration mistake; it should be grey, not blue) suits my purposes rather nicely.

    On to part two, owing to the image limit!
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