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    The Long Way To Infinity

    This thread is meant to qive a quick reference to threads about Infinity on WarSeer, both in this subforum and among all the miniature/terrain related sections we have. This will of course change (and hopefully grow) over time. So if you have a thread you want to see here, either post in this thread, or send me a PM with a link to said thread and why you think it could be useful in here.
    Please also send me a PM if any link is broken, or if you want specific things changed or removed. Over the time this should result in one handy gateway to the most useful threads in this subforum and all the project logs we have around.

    General Infinity Threads

    Infinity Tactica Threads

    Battle Reports

    Youtube battle reports by Micky Ward

    by plasticfrog:

    Infinity Project Logs

    The Tale Of Infinity Painters ... a group project log for Infinity

    Ye Olde Log o' Infinity ... a "free for all" Infinity Log

    Chewmeister's Infinity Plog by Chewmeister
    Frost's Infinity Thread (warning, non-GW content!) by FearFrost
    IJW does Infinity Robots (again) by IJW
    Aleph is your freind. Infinity log. by Khar
    INFINITY: The Morat Aggression Force Sectorial Army by plasticfrog
    Infinity Yu Jing Log by Poseidal
    Precinct Omega Paints... Infinity by precinctomega
    Ascending to Infinity by Sandmann
    My Infinity Combined Arme Progress by Spellscape
    INFINITY: The Imperial Service Sectorial Army by Steam_Giant
    Infinity by LukaszZelazek by, well... LukaszZelazek
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