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Thread: WHF in the near future - Mk.II

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    WHF in the near future - Mk.II

    Usually I would post this in the already existing "nurgly" thread, but there is more to it - I hope people can live with another thread in the overcrowded WHF rumours section.

    I have got the following bits from a birdy that has yet to let me down even once (and has tweeted to me for over a year):

    • a "big thing" for WHF at the end of August - sadly no details, but the notion of "the shape of things to come!" ... confirmed as being the return of Nagash
    • Nurgle gets some love in October: a book, 3 plastic kits and a clampack - again, sadly no details about this, other than it being for Warriors of Chaos (not Deamons)

    The first part of this should be fleshed out soon. The second part supports the previous "Nurgle rumours". I hope for more about this soon.

    The following bits came from the very reliable Arthurius11:

    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    Have some more "rumours" in regard to the end times campaign coming, as usual take them as you will.

    Along with Nagash and the vampire releases I mentioned earlier there will also be new release models for tomb kings, skaven, chaos and dark elves.

    Thanquol and bone ripper will be getting there own new models along with a new plastic vermin lord. There will also be new fantasy terrain.

    That is all I know atm.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    There will be a new Nagash model.
    And added on the 13th:

    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    Ok ladies and gents this is what I have heard.

    The end times will be coming after grey knights which means they will be going up for pre order 23rd, there will be Nagash, Nagash end times campaign book, plastic spirit host, Mannfred and nightgheist / Arkhan the black / Neferata on some undead monster plastic kit.

    There will be a battle report in WD, Nagash vs Tomb kings army, Nagash fights them on his own. He is very expensive.
    He can be taken in any undead army. Undead are running rampant through the warhammer world and because of this undead units can be taken in any army.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkWarrior1981 View Post
    Maybe you want to add that there also will be a set of specific (magic) cards and a limited edition of the book itself.
    GW also has put a teaser video on YouTube.

    Leaked pictures of the new Nagash models and its rules are doing the rounds. Please don't post them in this thread, it is against WarSeers rules. They should be easy to find on the net though.

    Bell Of Lost Souls claims that there are two more releases upcoming:

    Tomb Kings - Colossus plastic kit

    Warriors of Chaos: Chosen plastic kit
    The first week of this release wave seems to start on the 23rd for pre-orders:

    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    Mannfred / Neferata / Arkhan are supposed to be coming with Nagash, spirit host and the campaign book so let's wait and see. Abhorash was mentioned but not 100% sure that he is coming or when. I hope he is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    Was told they all go up for pre-order 23rd.

    There is supposed to be a lot of new models coming but I don't know how or when, only the releases for the first week 23rd so far.
    Note that Nagashs rules talk of "Undead Legions" and "Lore of Undeath". So we can expect some form of army list in the book, as well as a new lore of magic (which gets a bunch of cards, as stated above).

    It seems like we have definite info on the week #1 releases:

    Quote Originally Posted by Felwether View Post
    I've just gotten a little bit of info about this release. Warhammer, The End Times is noted to contain new rules that change the way a game of Warhammer can be played. It is not a new edition.


    Warhammer: Nagash - 2 hardback books in a slip case. €65

    Book 1: 296 page fluff book detailing the return of Nagash and events that affect every Warhammer race.

    Book 2: 96 page book containing rules for Nagash, new miniatures, the Lore of Undeath, Undead Legion, fighting underground and more apparently.

    Nagash - no mention of him being a dual kit, rules are included in the box. €85(!!)

    Magic Cards

    Nagash Novel
    And even more!

    Quote Originally Posted by Archibald_TK View Post
    Hey, I'm not a 40K person only, I can also give some info for WFB from time to time!

    What the background in the WD tell us:
    - I hope you didn't like Kislev, because there is no longer a Kislev.
    - Archaon advance have been stalled by Vlad under the order of Nagash (the Empire was in major trouble).
    - Nagash goes fighting to unite the Tomb Kings and VC (one of the scenario pictured in WD translate into "the Fall of Settra").

    Regarding miniatures/rules:
    - Nagash is magnificent, and very very tall thanks to his flying posture (he is supported by a bunch of souls).
    - But he's not that massive overall, I have no idea how he managed to reach the 85€ pricetag.
    - Not a dual kit.
    - No other models that week, but the ones serving under him are hinted at the end of WD for the week after (so I suppose Vlad and that Arkhan dude, note that I know the WFB lore very poorly).
    - As people expected, the new magic lore appear to work like Demonology for 40k (except with undead).
    - Rules are changing with that extension, 50% lords for example.
    The latest bits from the actual WD:

    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    Got my white dwarf this morning, can't wait to read it, yay.

    Anyway back on topic. New info I have, there will be a series of warhammer: end times books. End times chaos/archaon, end times skaven, end time elves. Demons are attacking ulthuan and nagarroth and the elves getting overwhelmed by chaos there. Nagash has left vlad to fight archaon while he goes to try and get the tomb kings to join him in his fight against chaos. There will be thanquol and boneripper as well as vermin lord. New chaos warriors with mark of nurgle, look all decayed and plague ridden. Was something else but cannot remember.

    If there is anything I have forgotten I will post it later.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    From white dwarf.

    " the lizardmen are the oldest enemy of chaos, born to fight it's rising power. In warhammer : Nagash their greatest mage priest, lord mazdamundi , awakens and beholds the dire portents. He gives a single spoken command that will echo through the ages"
    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    They are not doing a new archaon model.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    The fluff explains that Nagash resurrected vlad.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    Looks like lore of undeath can summon anything from the undead legions book, black knights, terrorgheist, necromancers. Looks like The Lord attribute gives a bonus to what you summon in some fashion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    Krell is named as the mortarch of despair.
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