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Because the work of Garth Marenghi is so radical, so risky, so dangerous, so goddamn crazy, that one must be cautious about casually recommending it to anyone.
That must be it. Thank god the Peruvians 'got it'.

It's good fun and runs just as long as it should. Fun idea. It's got that mystery science theater 3000 vibe to it mixed with ...well, the office, because that was a big thing then.

I've heard good things about Ironfist or whatever that comic thing is called. Maybe I'll watch it some time. Gotta overcome my dislike for netflix productions and those comicbooks things some day, I guess. Because it seems like that's all there bloody is.

@jamesvalentine: I think this is just the right thread for you then. Yes, BBT is garbage. Friends is good. The Simpsons ....vary. Last night I caught a 1993 episode. Perfectly fine. And a 1998 episode. Perfectly fine. I also saw about 3 hours of the Family Guy/simpsons cross thing. It sucked. But that's Family Guy for ya.