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I've heard good things about Ironfist or whatever that comic thing is called. Maybe I'll watch it some time. Gotta overcome my dislike for netflix productions and those comicbooks things some day, I guess. Because it seems like that's all there bloody is.
Ironfist is worth watching, but it helps to watch the Marvel shows in the order they were originally screened because they are all linked. Instead of regarding them as 'comic book' shows think of them as genre shows eg Daredevil is a vigilante show, Jessica Jones is a private investigator show, Luke Cage is a 'blackploitation' show. Alternatively just veiw them as drama shows, because they are.

And in defence of Netflix shows I can recommend Stranger Things and The Expanse - the latter a brilliant SF show as good as Babylon 5 and BattleStar Galactica inspired by a series of (very good) novels.