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    Glad to have seen the return of Line of Duty to the screen yesterday, now on BBC1 for its fourth series. I remember deliberatly not watching the show originally, thinking it was just another cop drama, but I was sorely mistaken in that: it's utterly fantastic. Although there are some (occasionally literally) explosive, adrenalin fuelled moments, it is a testament to the writing that the tensest scenes have often taken place in a police interview room with no other props than an audio recorder and a folder with some paperwork. Although I don't know if it can ever match the superb second series, it certainly remains surprising, detailed and filled with characters you can never fully trust. Already counting down the days to the next installment.

    The week before also had the return of The Last Kingdom. The first series felt a bit hasty, as the show covered two of the books (I believe, not having read them yet) into just 6 episodes - important characters came and went before you ever really got to know them. The fast pace remains, but in a manner that feels less rushed. It's a decent show overall, far from perfect but enjoyable enough to watch. Can never get my head around the stupidity of costume design though, from the plethora of leather armour to a sword carried on a back and the need for Danes to wear fur cloaks even on a warm summer's day. Not to mention the square Saxon shields. Surely, if you're going to buy or create a bunch of gear, it'll cost about as much to do it right? Yeah, I know, it's not a documentary.. but quite some people will get most of their information from tv and film, not to mention the fact that a fairly recent BBC documentary on the Celts was similarly poor concerning costumes, not just with the usual drab-coloured barbaric Gauls, but it even contained shots of Caesar's Roman legions which were clad in the typical Early Imperial segmented armour, fifty years before it first appeared and over a century before it was likely in any common usage. Ah well...
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