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    Re: General TV Discussion

    @Denny: Nah, haven't watched either. I'm sure they're both good actually, because everybody says so. Some day I'll probably watch at least Jessica Jones.

    @Wintermute: Yeah, I actually may give The Expanse a try.

    I watched the first few episodes of "Love" on Netflix because I heard it's very genuine and feels natural how everything develops and such. And it kinda does I think. It's just that the setting is so alien. I think it's very, very specific to California. It's not that the characters don't seem genuine, because they do and it even tends to fit with people I met and all, but again their lives seem very alien. And apart from that they're pretty horrible. It's not like I have a problem with that, because Seinfeld and Community repeatedly make a point that their characters are kinda obnoxious, and of course it's the very core of ALL good tv shows of the past 20 years (Sopranos, True Detective, Mad Men, Deadwood, ...) but somehow it's off-putting about Love. I don't know, last night I thought "okay, I have to stop watching that now.". Now that I think about it I can't really put my finger on why I wouldn't want to go on with it. There are just some things which are just unnerving. The main dude is kinda annoying as well, and so are his friends. I'm sure that lives in Hollywood are like that, but it just looks far-fetched to me. The whole "we get together and make up theme songs for films which have none" sounds like the most hipster-y thing possible. Oh, and the throwing-blurays-out-of-the-car-while-proclaiming-Pretty-Woman-to-be-a-lie. That stuff feels like the most basic rom-com thing. The threesome thing was pretty neat, but the resolve was so weird. There is so much potential for things going wrong with three-somes and the main character gets hung up on that? It seemed weird. Maybe it was well resolved, because the reason why he got out of it was so unexpected (not the fact, but the reason he gets so hung up on that. I mean it shows that he has moral standards and such. Maybe it was just for establishing the character.). The actual reason I stopped watching last night was a point at which the girl is starting to warm up towards the main guy and the the very same moment he meets some girl at a party. That's such an unnecessary obstacle and you alreadyknow that it will cost everybody time without helping the story in any way.

    Maybe it would help if it was more people talking and less showing of milieus?

    Anybody else watching that show?

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