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    Vampire Counts army book rumours

    Vampire Counts army book rumours
    Quote Originally Posted by Avian
    - Scheduled for fourth quarter 2007 (provided by 75hastings69)

    - New metal Necrarch models have been spotted (provided by 75hastings69)

    - Expect plenty of new plastic sets

    - Rumoured to be getting a unit of ogre-sized Flesh Golem creatures (provided by 75hastings69)

    - Gav Thorpe has denied rumours of plastic Ghouls and Dire wolves as well as the existance of a new unit type of Werewolves.

    New models in the first wave
    - Mannfred the Elder on foot and on steed [metal]
    - Vlad von Cartein [metal]
    - Konrad von Carstein [metal]

    - Vampire Count, on foot with wing arm [metal]
    - Vampire Countess, on foot [metal]

    - Varghulf, box of 1 [metal]

    - Skeleton Warriors redo, slightly smaller than before, 10 models per box [plastic]
    - Grave Guard, 10 models per box [plastic]
    - Ghouls, 10 models per box [plastic]
    - Dire Wolves, 10 models per box [plastic]

    - Knights of Blood Keep, box of 5 / direct order blisters [metal]
    - Corpse Cart, box of 1 [plastic]

    Spearhead deal:
    - Vlad von Carstein (showing off Carstein ring)
    - new Vampire Countess model (may be used as Isabella)
    - Varghulf
    - 10 Skeletons
    - 10 Ghouls
    - 10 Grave Guard
    - 10 Dire Wolves
    - Corpse Cart
    44 models

    Battalion box:
    - 20 Skeletons
    - 20 Zombies (old)
    - 1 Corpse Cart

    New models in the second wave
    - Possibly new Zombies
    - Possibly new Black Knights
    - Possibly plastic Bats
    - Possibly plastic Necromancer set

    Special rules

    - Applies to all units, including those not technically dead (probably to keep things simple).
    - Ward saves (possibly also regeneration saves) may be taken against wounds suffered from crumbling
    - Units within 6" of ANY Vampire may march, not just general (includes Blood Knights, Black Coach and Varghulf)
    - Possibly restriction that general must be a Vampire (similar to Tomb Kings where the general must be a Mummy)
    - Units may not generally be healed beyond their initial number of models, with the exception of zombies. Certain vampire powers will also let you raise other units (wolves, bats and ghouls) beyond their initial number of models

    - Latest rumour says it stays as it currently is.

    - Spells generally have a shorter range than before
    - Spells #0, 1 and 2 are called the Necromancy spells. These may be cast multiple times per caster instead of just once.
    #0 Invocation of Nehek
    - Every caster has it
    - Very easy to cast
    - Casters may cast the spell multiple times rather than just once each
    - Heals any undead unit (d6+4 zombies, d6 of any other infantry unit, 1 wound for non-infantry or any kind of vampire)
    #1 Summon Zombies
    - Summons d6 +4 zombies
    #2 Vanhel's Danse Macabre
    - Lets you move a unit that is not in combat, as before
    - For a unit that is already in combat, the effect is as for the old Hellish Vigour
    #3 Gaze of Nagash
    - Unchanged
    #4 Curse of Years
    - Easier to cast
    #5 Wind of Undeath
    - High casting value
    - Every enemy *unit* takes *one* wound on a D6 roll of 4+ (no saves?)
    - Wounds caused lets you create a new Spirit Host close to the caster with that number of wounds
    #6 Summon Zombie Horde
    - High casting value
    - Can be used to create a new unit of 5d6 zombies, or heals 3d6 wounds, spread across the army as you wish, subject to the normal limitations (i.e. max 1 wound on vampires, etc.)


    Vampire Count
    - Only Lord choice apart from special characters
    - Can get 100 pts of items plus 100 pts of vampire powers
    - Fully tooled-up costs around 500 pts, not including the cost of a mount
    - Starts as a level 2 wizard, may be upgraded to level 3 and further upgraded with the appropriate vampire power
    - May ride a Zombie Dragon, Abyssal Terror ("Winged Nightmare"), Hellsteed (more or less and undead Pegasus, apparently) or an unbarded Nightmare. May also ride a barded Nightmare with the appropriate vampire power
    - May explicitly always buy a magic weapon and wear magic armour, regardless of which vampire powers they buy

    Vampire Lord: gone

    Necromancer Lords: gone


    - New name for Thralls
    - Start as level 1 wizard, may be upgraded with the appropriate Vampire Power to level 2
    - Can get 50 pts of items plus 50 pts of vampire powers
    - May ride a Hellsteed or unbarded Nightmare. May also ride a barded Nightmare with the appropriate vampire power
    - May explicitly always buy a magic weapon and wear magic armour, regardless of which vampire powers they buy

    - Start off knowing the Invocation of Nehek, may be given spells #1 and/or 2 as well, for a given cost (relatively cheap)
    - level 1 wizards, may not be upgraded
    - cheap
    - May be mounted in Corpse Carts

    Wight Kings (new name for Wight Lords)
    - Toughness increase

    Wraiths: now a unit instead of a character

    Core units

    - New plastic models
    - Come with hand weapons and light armour (following trend of reducing armour upgrade options for units)

    - Cheaper
    - Strength 2, Toughness 2
    - Really always strikes last
    - Can not be joined by characters
    - Can never pursue
    - Only new unit you can raise
    - Unit size 20+
    - Command options for standards and musicians

    Crypt Ghouls
    - New plastic models
    - Count as Undead(!) for simplicity's sake
    - No longer skirmish
    - Cheaper?
    - Only command upgrade is a champion

    Dire Wolves
    - New plastic models
    - Cheaper?
    - Do not count towards your minimum number of Core units

    Bat Swarm
    - Count as Undead
    - *Significantly* cheaper
    - Lower Leadership
    - Do not count towards your minimum number of Core units

    Corpse Cart
    - Possibly count as a monster rather than as a chariot
    - Has a bound spell that gives the Always Strike First rule to friendly units within 6"
    - Do not count towards the minimum number of Core units in the army
    - Cheap
    - Moves at Zombie walking speed
    - Not very tough, but has Regeneration
    - Doesn't fight very well (random number of zombie attacks
    - May be upgraded to also give a -1 to enemy spell casting rolls or a +1 to wounds restored with the Incantation of Nehek nearby
    - Do not count towards your minimum number of Core units

    Special units

    Grave Guard (possibly get a new name)
    - New plastic models
    - Come with shields
    - May have great weapons

    Black Knights
    - Nightmares may move through terrain/obstacles without penalty, in the same manner as Ethereals can (not otherwise Ethereal)

    Fell Bats
    - Cheaper

    Spirit Host
    - Higher WS
    - Unit size 3-10

    Rare units

    Black Coach
    - 4+ ward
    - can leech power from either player's Power Dice pool and from the personal Power Dice stores of wizards nearby (1/6th chance for each PD) giving it enhanced abilities permanently, in order(?): 1) Scythes, 2) Hatred, 3) Magic Resistance 3, 4) Killing Blow, 5) Ethereal, 6) Fly
    - Wraith driver gets one more attack than before
    - Count as a vampire for the purposes of marching nearby and healing

    Knights of Blood Keep
    - Essentially equivalent to old Thralls on steeds
    - WS6, S5, T4, W1, A2, frenzy
    - Expensive (more than 50 pts each)
    - Lance, heavy armour, shield, barded Greater Nightmares (with S4 but not the terrain-crossing abilities Black Knights get)
    - May have a magic banner, champion (Kastellan) might be able to take vampire powers
    - Count as vampires for the purposes of marching nearby and healing

    - M9 (does not fly)
    - Stats more or less like a big monster (Hydra, Manticore, ...) rather than a small monster like a Gorger or Spawn
    - Costs slightly less than a Giant
    - Regeneration
    - Terror
    - Hatred of everything
    - Not enough Unit Strength to negate ranks on a flank charge
    - Count as a vampire for the purposes of marching nearby and healing

    Cairn Wraiths
    - Skirmishing unit
    - Statwise much the same as currently, though obviously may not have magic items
    - Wraiths have one attack more than previously
    - May be joined by a Banshee (whose scream now works on all enemy units, including those ItP, and can be used as a stand and shoot charge reaction)
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