So with the switch to Mark 3 I've stayed with Trolls, partly because I was getting regular practice with them so dealing with the switch was easier and partly because my meta has a lot of Menoth and Khador, which stops me going back to them for the moment. With Cygnar and Retribution making up the other big ones in my Meta I'm actually in a good place with Trolls to take them on.

So with the UK Nationals in September I've been concentrating on learning how things have changed with 2 casters initially and then a third shortly.

Mark 3 changes the balance of the game, and terrain is playing more of a role with less restrictions on how it can be placed and Tournament Organisers being encouraged to do set up with an idea of having terrain have an impact on the game without it being terrible for one player.

My two initial warlocks have been Madrak, World Ender and Gunnbjorn. Gunnbjorn gained a useful feat in Mark 3 which gives a chance to put pressure on gunlines. Emadrak is a very strong caster for Trolls and also has another chance of avoiding some of the worst of Ecaine or Kara Sloan for example.

Fennblade Kithkar
Stone Scribe Chronicler
Max Fennblades +UA
Max Warders
Max Krielstone Bearer + UA
Dhunian Knot

This list is built on the notion of keeping Madrak alive by giving him various trolls to shunt hits too. The Bouncer and Warders also allow some control on where hits might come. The Fennblades are to get up there and clear out as much as they can with Cleave, which is a great addition for them in Mark 3. They do miss being terrifying on the mini feat, but with no psychology there is nothing to replace it with.

Having played it twice now versus Reznik 1 (assassination with Fennblade Kithkar) and Ossyan double invictors (assassination with Emadrak) I am looking at what to change. That version is 1 point down and having played with it there are 2 elements that I'm looking at swapping out. The Runebearer is just there to give out Harmonious exultation as he cannot cast any of Madrak's spells or as a sacrifice to Grim Salvation. The Chronicler was there for Tale of Mist and for Charge of the trolls, but that is way more situational. The potential swap outs I'm thinking of are a second Fellcaller (because Mat 10 Madrak is great) and some whelps (because Grim Salvation would operate on them as well). The Dhunian Knot also have a limited use in this list so far. Though I did heal Madrak for 1 point so he could cut himself some more before he went to kill Ossyan.

The Gunnbjorn list has had two outings as well in its current form.

Dozer and Smig
Pyre Troll
War Wagon
Braylen Wanderheart
Dhunian Knot
2 x Fire Eaters
Max Krielstone Bearer + UA

The theory here is that it can put out a lot of AOEs, can threaten with the Fire Eaters, push the War Wagon forward to engage and use the Dhunian Knot to get rerolls on the various shots. Braylen went in to give me a flanking model who could go after some threats. So far this list has won against Haley 3 (ranged assassination by Bomber) and then versus Vlad 2 (melee assassination by Bomber) using the feat early on defensively.

But then I have been thinking about trying out a different version -

Mountain King
Dozer & Smig
Dhunian Knot

Beast Heavy with the Mountain King being a big threat. Extra whelps help deal with damage coming in and fury issues. Lanyssa is there for extra melee threat range. Not sure how I feel with no troops, but there are various ways to clear things out.

Calandra is the third warlock to be looked at, but going to keep practicing especially as so far I haven't lost a game of Mark 3.