I've had a year focused on playing Menoth and learning them as a new faction, culminating in me taking them to the UK Nationals and finishing 3-4. That was after a year playing just trolls.

This year my plan is to play both factions having spent the time getting to play them more regularly and working on concentrating on certain lists to learn and then experimenting some more.

For trolls I pretty much have everything except at the moment for EBorka. I'm just painting up Dozer and Smigg as well as the 3 other units of Runeshapers I need to be able to field Runes of War. Up until now I've only played with the one, but I now get to try the normal version that many people run.

That list is

4 x Runeshapers
Max Krielstone + UA

So far the key seems to be keeping the Earthborn alive. The Mauler can be sacrificed. I've used it against PVayl and the Runeshapers were great dealing with high defence Hax Hunters and also forcing the beasts that weren't killed on a turn into staying in position thanks to Force Lock.

At the same time I've also been experimenting with Massive Meat Mountain (MMM). At the moment I've been trying the basis EGrissel version, but I do want to try it with PGrissel and even EMadrak. Especially as my last game with them I forgot to feat for a number of turns.

That list is

Max Krielstone + UA
2 x Max Warders
Max Champions
2 x Fellcallers

Dash is extremely important, but one of the issues I have had is masking Mulg due to his own deficient speed. It's one of the reasons I'm thinking of trying PGrissel, but also looking at swapping out Mulg and trying different heavies in his place.

So far I've won against Rahn and Stryker3 with the list, both by assassination, and lost on scenario vs Siege, but if that game had been timed either normally or deathclock I would have won. It was just because we played out to the end.

Past these two learning forces at the moment I'm very interested in Calandra's Elemental Communion (though that will have to wait until after February) and in trying Gunnbjorn for the first time especially when I get my first unit of Highwaymen.

Next weekend is an Exigence launch event so I'm looking at games with at least 4 warlocks and trying to get a lot of games in over the day.