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Thread: [LaserCutCard] General WIP thread

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    Re: [LaserCutCard] General WIP thread

    What's on the workbench in the first week of Q3?

    Click on the images for bigger versions if you want

    M113 Redux

    We wondered what our M113 model would look like if we expanded the side armour down a bit and so the first step was a quick sketch

    This is the "first fit" cut - a basic proof of concept cut to see what it would look like.

    Next came a detail cut to see how it all fitted together. Not looking too bad but some of the details need to be reworked

    The main thing that will have to change are the road wheels. If we want the side hatch to be realistically able to go through to the main hull, then the existing road wheels (light green) are too big. Fortunately the Churchill (a WW2 British tank) provided the inspiration for a smaller set of road wheels, as the Churchill had a side hatch and ran its tracks around the outside of the sides, similar to WW1 tanks. The track course is shown in red. So the next cut will be to modify the design to incorporate these changes.

    Mk IV Tank

    If you haven't seen the trailer yet for Battlefield 1 then you really are missing out.

    We are super-excited about the game and have decided to do the vehicles that have featured in the trailer (for use as "counts as" models in other gaming systems)

    Steve started out doing a basic cad render and I think he nailed it pretty well

    This is the "first fit" test done straight off the render... worked out so so but was a bit small and also difficult to put together.

    This is the second cut... a detail cut that was also scaled up substantially. This one went together very easily but is perhaps a little big. The next cut will scale this down and add more detail

    All cardboard Heavy Artillery / Big Bertha

    Our existing heavy artillery kit is a mix of card and MDF and the MDF adds quite a bit to the cost. This was a test to take all the MDF bits and turn them into two layers of card - so instead of 3mm MDF, you would have 2mm of card. Worked ok but a few small bugs to iron out.

    In keeping with the BF1 theme, we also want to make our heavy artillery into a towed version... and Big Bertha (a WW1 German siege gun) is proving the inspiration

    Here is the first fit cut for the Bertha components. The main gun and barrel is the same as the existing kit and will be interchangeable- it is the chassis that is new.

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    Re: [LaserCutCard] General WIP thread

    There was a lot happening on the workbench in the second week of Q3 (10 - 16 July 2016)

    M113 R(edux)

    The new road wheels and doors are sorted.

    The doors (which we borrowed from the Ratel model) open forwards to offer some more protection to dismounting troops. There is also a step plate and a handle to help troops remount.

    All doors and hatches can be modeled open. There are some tiny bugs with this file and we want to change the detailing on the sides... the "icon" on the side will be dropped in favour of some more armour detailing. This should be released next week.

    Estimated cost will be $12.50, worldwide postage will be $3

    MK IV tank
    Lots of detailing has been added. We are loving this model! The model is 1% smaller than 1/48 scale. Still some teething issues with the armour plates on the sponsons. The next cut should fix all of these (including bumping the size up to be exactly 1/48 scale)

    The kit price is looking at being around $16 but we will try get that down with the production cuts.

    Big Bertha

    Lots more detail added, and a short range mortar version of the barrel as a test.

    We are going to scrap the working cogs and gears and rather ramp up the detailing. The gun will still go up and down in the mount but the side handles will no longer turn. They are fiddly to build and we would rather it looked awesome and not work, than look simple and work.

    FT17 and A7V
    The "first fit" cuts for these had mixed results. The A7V was a dream... we are moving straight on to detailing.

    The FT17 needs a lot of work - this way is hard to build.

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