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    Historical Miniatures Manufacturers

    1st Corp. makes various ancients as well as ACW.

    Ab miniatures do a big range of napoleonic figures from french to austrians and some of the smaler states. Can be found on this website with other companies there too , including Fighting 15's also produce figures and tanks in 20mm models for WW2.

    Alban Miniatures offer 28mm metals for British, Austrian and French Napoleonics.

    Agema Miniatures produce plastic Republican Roman velites with plans to cover the Punic Wars.

    Armorum and Aquilla Miniatures as their name suggests, produce 28mm Ancients including Carthaginians Sassanids and Numidians.

    Artizan designs do 28mm figures of ancients and WW2 of a very nice quality.

    Askari Miniatures concentrates on colonial armys and their opponents in 28mm.

    The assault group another company that makes nice 28mm figures for a lot of periods.

    Aventine miniatures produce 28mm figures for the Republican Roman period, including Etruscans, Italian hill tribes and the army of Pyrrhus.

    Baccus 6mm, for Ancients, medieval, Napleonics, ACW plus others in 6mmm!

    Bac Ninh Miniatures has small range in 28mm dedicated to the Tokugawa Shogunate of the 19th century, specifically the Boshin War.

    Battlefield Miniatures manufacture 20mm WW2 minitures as well as selling the Blitz range of figures for the same period.

    Battlestandard Miniatures is a US compamy that manufatcures 15mm ACW minis as well as 28mm Greeks, Macedonians, Persians,Normans ans some 40mm.

    Baueda Wargames started off producing resin terrain in 15mm and have expanded to producing 15mm Dark Ages and Medieval miniatures, specializing in the Germanic tribes.

    Black Scorpion Miniatures produces some moderns, pirates, and fantasy football minis.

    Bicorne Miniatures have 28mm ECW, Italian Wars as well minis for a few 18th and 19th North American conflicts.

    Black tree designs do alot of 28mm figures for lots of periods including fantasy, doctor who , ancients and zulus plus alot more.

    Blue Moon Manufacturing offer a variety of ranges in 28mm and 15mm including ACW, AWI, The Marlburian Wars, Old West and others.

    Brigade Games offer an extensive 28mm WW1 collection as well as a variety of other 20th century miniatures.

    Brittannia miniatures do 20mm and 28mm figures most of which are for WW2 onwards (afghanistan and special ops etc)

    Brother Vinni's Miniatures has a small but slowly growing line of 28mm Renaissance miniatures as wellas a couple of 54mm offerings.

    Calpe Miniatures produce 25mm Napoleonic minis.

    Campaign Game Miniatures have an extensive line of 15mm Napoleonics as well as both Ancients and a small collection of WW2 in 15mm.

    Captain Miniatures manufacture 18mm Napoleonic Naval crews as well a a small range of 28mm Pennisular French and Spanish.

    Castaway Arts manufactures a wide range of Ancients in 28mm with an emphasis on bronze age westen Asia.

    C in C produce a range of modern and WW2 minis in 1/285 as well as 1/2400 ships for a few periods.

    Company B have a a large range of WW2 and WW1 miniatures in 1/56 as well as some Moderns.

    Conquest Games is a new company that specialises in medieval miniatures, their first release being plastic Normans which are getting positive reviews.

    CP Models manufactures 20mm WW2 miniatures, some 28mm Ancients and Dark Ages as well as other manufacturers' ranges, such as TDQ castings.

    Crann Tara Miniatures have 28mm (closer to 30mm) ranges for the 18th century, including a comprehensive list for the '45.

    Crusader Miniatures He has a wide variety of ranges, including WWII, Pirates and loads of Ancients and Dark Age troops.

    Cutting Edge Miniatures make 28mm figures for the early-late bronze age with plans to expand into the early iron age.

    Dixon Miniatures, makes wide variety of 28mm historical, mainly 18th/19th century and some 15mm.

    Eagle Figures manufacture 15mm and 28mm SYW, ACW, ECW and Napoleonics.

    Ebob Miniatures does Mongols, Western and 13th.-14th. Scottish Medievals.

    Elhiem Figures manufactures WW2 and Modern miniatures in 20mm.

    Empress Miniatures, Anglo Zulu Wars, SCW and Moderns in 28mm.

    Essex Miniatures manufacture 15mm and 25mm Historicals for everything form ancients right through ACW.

    Eureka Miniatures manufacture an eclectic range of minis from 10mm fantasy to 28mm WW2 touching on just about every time period in between.

    Fireforge Games is a very new company with plans to carry an extensive medieval range centred on various crusades. They are currently awaiting release of their plastic Teutonoic Knights set.

    Footsore Miniatures, formerly Musketeer Miniatures, offer various historical ranges including Dark Ages, Franco-Prussian and ACW.

    Forged in Battle manufacture 15mm WW2 minis as well as 1/3000 Napoleonic naval minis.

    The Forgotten and Glorious Company of Art are a French company that offer 28mm metal WW1 minis for the various combatants.

    Front Rank Figurines do a wide range of napoleonics and other later ancients such as ACW.

    Gamodls produce 15mm WW2 minis for a variety of forces.

    Gripping beast do A LOT of VERY nice figures for ancients in 28mm including romans, barbarians, el cid and much much more.

    Gordon and Hague are a US company that produce a "Wargame in Box" called Severed Union which is American Civil War game in 10mm plastic (!). They also sell pre-painted armies of the same.

    HaT Industries manufacture 1/72 soft plastic toy soldiers for a wide variety of time periods.

    INDUS Miniatures produce 28mm models for the War in India. Currently a small range but expanding.

    Irregular Miniatures offers a huge range of minis in 2mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm 42mm, 54mm and 75mm form hust about every historical period.

    JFTM Enterprises manufactures 1/56 WW2 vehicles in resin.

    John Eden Studios (aka Rose Miniatures) produce old school 54mm figures for a number of periods, including Romans, Egyptians and Napoleonics.

    Khurasan Miniatures produce a large range of historical figures in 15mm including obscure armies such as Tibetans.

    Kingsford Miniatures manufacture 28mm Samurai miniatures.
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