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    Re: Angels of vengeance supplement

    Quote Originally Posted by Commissar von Toussaint View Post
    I think it's important to give people feedback. We have a lot of lurkers (which is fine) but what you've done is quite impressive.

    I've pretty much reached equilibrium in terms of miniatures rules. I've settled on a modified version of 2nd ed. 40k that I enjoy and of course Conqueror meets all my fantasy needs, but it's nice to see other people get passionate about lists and scenarios.
    Feedback is one of those things I find terrifying until I see it. It's always much worse in my head than it ever really is when I see on screen. And, yes, that does seem to be the case, though I guess it does make sense after what the website, and the hobbies, have gone through in the last few years. Any lurkers, feel free to question/point out anything that doesn't make sense, confuses you, or you feel is just plain odd. This whole project is pulled together from a dozen different source and notebooks, so I'm sure there's quite a bit in here that could do with a rewrite or two.

    Our semi-regular group of players play on what is basically a standard version of 7th Edition, with a few additions to assault, as there were always a few odd interactions around that that never really seemed to make much sense to us. I think we probably stuck with that due to us all (apart from my girlfriend) growing up playing through the tail end of 4th, and then through 5th, 6th, and 7th Edition. So to us, that's what the hobby feels like. Just wish GW made it easier to get ahold of old editions resources, rather than me trying to have to spend an arm and a leg buying from sellers of eBay and Amazon.

    Side Note: If there are still any admins who float through these parts, would it be possible to get the thread name changed? Just so it matches the formatting of the Dark Mechanicum thread's title.
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