Have had this log going for a while on another forum, but now that I actually have time to work on the army I figured I might as well start it here as well to get more feedback. I don't consider myself a great painter, but I am constantly expanding my knowledge and range of techniques and take any feedback or suggestions on board. I am still unsure about a lot of schemes in the army.

I started a WoC army based around the amazing Kraan on Warbear model by Mierce Miniatures. I have since been able to fit 7 sexy polar bears into the army which is very pleasing!
This is probably my most converted army (I have many), it is now easily my favourite army in the theme and the models, and I am actually really enjoying playing it as well. So it ticks all the boxes for me! Fun fact, I actually started planning it in 7th ed when all I could do was make the bear unit dragon ogres and have normal chariots. Then GW released Skullcrushers and Gorebeast chariots which fit my models perfectly, and I was a very happy man. :skull:

Army list:
Scyla (this guy is a themed conversion, tried with the model as a spawn but I wanted it to be a bit stronger to suit the model)

Kraan, Exalted hero (spiritual leader, can't be general because of Scyla..)
Khorne, Barded Demonic Mount, shield, armour of destiny
(Joins Skullcrushers)
(he got the demonic mount instead of the juggernaut for the toughness boost)

Magaan, Sorceror Lord
Nurgle, lvl 4, talisman of preservation, enchanted shield, dispel scroll, flaming breath
(Joins HW/S unit)

Exalted Hero
BSB, Nurgle, shield, helm of many eyes
(Joins HW/S unit)

18 Warriors, Nurgle, halberds, full command

22 Warriors, Nurgle, HW/S, full command

Gorebeast Chariot

Gorebeast Chariot

5 Warhounds

Chimera, flaming breath, regen

3 Skullcrushers, banner of eternal flame, full command, ensorcelled weapons

It may be slightly different at times, but thats the real core of the army.

Ok now to the important part, the models!

Scyla WiP: (a PP Hordes model)

I looked into TMM techniques, don't know if it worked or if I did it properly even. Still lots to do on the armour I think.

Early WiP photos of Kraan. The front bear armour is a very dark silver (mixed with black) which I intend to highlight up to something like boltgun metal. But it is hard when the darker it gets the less metallic it is, and I'm not good with large flat armour. On the side for now.

The Sorceror Lord Magaan (from Mierce Miniatures too), also very WiP. I'm trying to do glossy black armour, but I don't really know how to.

I read in the sticky only 4 images per post allowed. This is a bookmark, we'll see.

My BSB is a conversion based on an Avatars of War model.

Halberd Unit is the incredible Avatars of War models.

Absolute........ *&%^&* to assemble. The kit got redesigned after I bought it to make them easier. But these are more unique in their pose and I got them to rank up eventually, so I'm happy.