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Squatting Lizardmen makes no sense:

For one, they are pretty popular faction. To my understanding they are somewhere in the middle. Not as popular as HE, DE, WoC or Skaven, but more popular than Beasts, Brets, TK, WE or Dwarfs.

For two, they are a fairly unique faction, blue aztec lizards that ride dinosaurs. This makes them valuable from an IP standpoint.

The fluff was one of the only things Warhammer still had going for it. But now with End Times they've completely and utterly ruined it (Malekith the Phoenix King, Ulthuan gone, Naggaroth gone, Dwarfs mostly gone, Lizzies gone). If they do squat Lizardmen for good in 9th, then I will be done with GW for good. I don't care if I can "still play sub-optimal with my old army". If they're not getting supported and have been wiped from the fluff then what's the point?

I hear WarmaHordes is cheap and fun.
The Lizardmen have never been unique. Anthropomorphic lizards have been a mainstay in Fantasy for a long time, whether it be Argonians, D&D lizardfolk, Dragonborn, Naga from Warcraft or whatever. Furthermore, they've never really been a very popular army outside the American market, which is pretty small in the first place. They're certainly nowhere near as popular as WoC or the Empire.

As for the fluff. What does it matter if Ulthuan's gone? The High Elves are quite clearly still around. Naggaroth? Dark Elves are still there, with Malekith still as their leader no less. The only things in your post which are true is that the Dwarfs are mostly gone and Lizards. The Dwarfs are at least debatable, seeing as how some Dwarfen characters do make the point that their race can still survive and accomplish great things. It's mostly just traditionalists like Thorgrim who say they're dead due to losing the old holds.